Turning off the lights in Cassiar

Mary & Mike Ryan and Tony & Lee Coran were among the last people to leave Cassiar. Mary described one of the final acts of shutting down Cassiar October 31st, 1992.

Mike and Tony were the ones who together shut off the lights when we left the town. It was very sad...Lee and I stood back together and watched as Tony and Mike grabbed the switch, turned it, and all the lights went out.. street lights etc.... it was an ERIE feeling to watch and a feeling of such finality. It still gives me the shivers to think of how dark it went and how quiet it was that Halloween night. There were still a few people still there, John Slana stayed to continue with some clean up stuff and he ran a generator in his house. Jan Wypych was still in town also I think, still packing up his place.  Anyway, I really do not think anyone will ever get over that place. Most everyone has moved on to "NEW" lives, new friends, new jobs, but a part of all of us will remain there.

Contributed by Mary Ryan

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