Thanks To Marge Loverin

In 2007 Cassiar resident Marge Loverin, and subsequently an employee of the province of British Columbia celebrated her 65th birthday. Due to the laws at the time she faced mandatory requirement. Her efforts maintain the right to continue working beyond that age were a success. Bill 31 was passed, to allow all BC residents to continue to work if they so wished. As the bill's effective date was January 1, 2008 a Special Order In Council was presented to Marge, in Victoria by Minister Chong, allowing her specifically to work until the bill came into effect.

Christel Daum (now Travnik) wrote this poem for Marge.

By:  Christel E. Travnik
May 01, 2007

I have got a friend;
We go back many years.
What I just heard about her
Has moved me to tears.

She has always had a job
And worked hard all her life,
Aside from all the duties
Of being mother and a wife.

On her most recent birthday
She turned 65
Which meant that her employment
In BC could not survive.

But she is more than able;
She is healthy and shes fit
So to her, it made no sense
That her working days should quit.

She was made to feel undignified
For she did not have a choice
And so she took the issue
And she gave it her voice.

She did not sit around a table
And mumble grumpy words
But took it up with government
To say this policys absurd.

Well it wasnt over night
But they did lend her their ear.
They investigated the concern
She brought for them to hear.

Today from the authorities
That go-getter learned
That, that unjust policy
Has now been over-turned.

Now if you are 65 and working
In BC, you can rejoice
And you can thank Marge Loverin
That you now have got a choice.

Marge, may the good Lord keep you healthy
So you can work as you desire
Until the day that YOU
Make the decision to retire.


Congratulations on a job well done; on making a positive difference in the world! Thats what its all about.

Your proud, long-time friend,

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