Sports Snapshot, March 1985, Cassiar Courier

Winners of the Mens & Ladies Bonspiel of February 8-10 are:

Men's A Event
1st place: C. Habjan, B. Pratt, P. MacRae, D. Smith
2nd place: D. Harrison, N. Day, J. Yee, A. Beaton

Men's B Event
1st place: F. Nitti, C. Smith, D. DeCecco, B. Gudeerjahn
2nd place: G. Becket, S. Deyo, K. Smith, J. Hearty

Women's A Event
1st place: M. Elhorh, L. Coran, J. Sikora, D. Zebroff
2nd place: H. Joseph, M. Knudslien, K. Brocklebank, H. Joseph

Women's B Event
1st place: H. Billingsley, B. Prier, L. Taylor, P. Snell
2nd place: J. MacRae, C. Daum, P. Borsato, M. Tempest

On February 16th Sydney Hughes from Vancouver was the single panel judge for the second Test Day for the Blue Valley Figure Skating Club. The following tests were passed:

Preliminary Figure
Jackie Roblin

First Figure
Janice Coran, Joanne Coran, Mary Molan

Dutch Waltz
Stephanie Slana, Vickey Storch, Tracey Walker

Tina Cvetkovich, Nicole Deyo, Jacqueline Molan, Tracey Walker, Sheri Zebroff

Janice Coran, Jacqueline Molan, Mary Molan

Ten Fox
Joanne Coran, Jacqueline Molan, Mary Molan

Preliminary Freeskate
Janice Coran, Joanne Coran, Jacqueline Moran, Mary Molan, Jackie Roblin, Sheri Zebroff

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