Cassiar's Schools

Willam Storie School

Cassiar got a brand new high school that was completed only a few months before Cassiar closed. The school was aptly named the William Storie School, after long-time Cassiar resident Bill Storie. The school (or at least parts of it) was moved to Hudson's Hope, BC.  Mike Landucci reported "I have been in the building and while it is nowhere as nice as the original, it is still a lovely building. The ironic thing about that new school in Cassiar is that the official opening was held a couple of weeks after the closure of the mine was announced. Imagine that!"

Mike reported this account about the original construction of the new William Storie high school in Cassiar. A company from Kamloops was the general contractor on the job and the steel work was jobbed out to a firm in 100 Mile House. There was little room to store any steel on-site in Cassiar, so they kept their time frame for delivery & erection fairly tight. So when a load of steel was ready to go so the trucking firm was contacted, the truck loaded & the driver went on his way - to Castlegar, BC.  He reached Castlegar & proceeded to look for a new school to drop his load.  He enquired but could not find his site. He phoned his dispatcher & again asked where the school was.  The dispatcher asked where he was. You can imagine his reaction when the driver said he was in Castlegar, not Cassiar!

Mike contributed these 4 photos, September 2001. Click the thumbnail to view the large versions.

hudson_hope_school_front.jpg (27722 bytes)
Front view of former Cassiar High School now in Hudson's Hope, BC
hudson_hope_school_rear.jpg (40363 bytes)
Rear view of former Cassiar High School now in Hudson's Hope, BC
hudson_hope_school_ne.jpg (31083 bytes)
Northeast view of former Cassiar High School now in Hudson's Hope, BC
hudson_hope_school_se.jpg (31647 bytes)
Southeast view of former Cassiar High School now in Hudson's Hope, BC

As for Snowridge Elementary School, it is also in the Peace region of British Columbia and is now situated in Dawson Creek as part of Central Middle School.  Mike said "I have also been in it and of course it has changed somewhat as well (for instance, they turned the gym into the library.) All in all, the schools from Cassiar are still doing their job and it is nice to see the legacy continue."

Contributed by Mike Landucci

Snowridge Elementary School

Dayle Green, a resident of Dawson Creek, BC, and not a Cassiarite, is an avid fan of anything ghost towns. He reports that Cassiar's Snowridge Elementary School was moved to his home town Dawson Creek, and now is an integrated part of Central Middle School. Dayle kindly supplied the following four photos in July 2007 and comments:

"As I look at those pictures of Central/Snowridge, I cannot be say anything but saddened that the doors and windows are covered by expanded metal. I went to Central back in the late 70's when she was in her brown motif. No matter how they try to pretty it up, the screens are the signs of the times.
Too bad.
She looks so cold."

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