The Ballad of Madame Rollande

Written by Kris Nordin

Photo of Rollane Lane

Rollande Lane, mid 1960s

One day in Cassiar, there came to view
A little woman with eyes of blue.
Her cheeks were pink, her hair was black,
She hit the fellows with an awful smack!

She played the tennis, badminton, too,
When she won a game, she said, "thanks m'sieu'
For you I make a cup of tea,
because you are 'andsome and nice to me."

When she went to a dance,
She was dressed so nice,
She was 'la belle' for all those guys.
When the polka played, she spun like a top,
But in a dreamy waltz, she always said "Stop!

Because you are a man who is 'andsome and strong,
And I'm a French lady, don't get me wrong.
We French, we always dream of l'amour,
Don't ever forget, I am married, Messieur!

If you feel romantic, just like me,
We play at the game with much gallantry;
We can waltz and curtsey, play at sports and such,
But remember Messieur'

Only look, and don't touch!"

Dedicated to my friend Rollande Lane who made so many happy moments in Cassiar
"Mrs. Kris" Nordin

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