The Perils of Springtime Doggy Doo Doo

The Cassiar area got lots of snow every winter. During their travels humans  created footpaths in the snow. People always walk in the middle of the paths, creating basically a hardened ridge, like an "A-Frame roof". The risk of falling over if you stepped off the centreline got higher as the snow got deeper. Dogs, being shorter legged, generally confined ALL of their outdoor activities to the footpaths. Ron Schmidt, a former resident of Quartz Creek, a "suburb" of Cassiar, shared these memories that are sure to hit home.

The trouble with dogs taking winter dumps is that when the snow was too deep they did it on the conveniently packed-down foot trails. In Quartz Creek the snow was always too deep after October and, unlike Cassiar, had plenty of winter short-cuts and pathways to outhouses, wood sheds, and whatnot.

When spring arrived and the trails softened up, they gradually lost their styrofoam-like rigidity and, with increasing frequency as the weather got warmer, gave way to our footsteps. We Creekers would have to walk along them very gingerly, hoping for the best and fearing the worst.

Inevitably, a foot would break the surface and sink down two or three feet, throwing us off balance and dragging our thighs and hips down to the surface level... where piles of formerly stratified dog shit had been concentrated and exposed by the melting snow. The only guaranteed protection was a pair of hip waders, unless you didn't mind getting your snowshoes all fouled up, that is. The high silliness factor prevented deployment of both solutions. We all preferred the risk of getting smeared with shit than looking silly.

When all the snow was gone the concentrated strips of shit remained, but at least then we could walk around them. Didn't look or smell too pretty though. Eventually the rain washed it all away by early summer. Thank God it rained a lot up there (bet you never expected anyone to say that!).

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