A poem by Cassiar Elementary School teacher Louise Johnson (deceased) as printed in the April 23, 1958 edition of "The Asbestos Sheet"

Nestled down among the mountains,
Away from crowds, yet not too far;
Lies a little mining centre
that we know as Cassiar.
Here 'mid rocky walls and canyons
People work and laugh and pray.
Things are modern, life is pleasant,
Wheels are turning night and day.
On mountain top men are toiling,
Blasting, digging, hauling, so
The precious ore in massive buckets
Will reach the tireless mill below.
While in the Valley all are busy,
Office, lab and bank and store,
Industry is thriving, growing,
Turning out Asbestos ore.
Beyond these mountains fame is spreading,
Mail and products come and go;
Highways, skyways ever bringing
More to help the centre grow.
East and west the ore is moving,
Foreign markets, not a few;
Cassiar's north for me and you.


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