"Old Cassiar Town" Song

To be sung to the tune of "Squid Jiggin' Ground"

by Marilyn Forward and Barry Slade, April 1985

Oh this is the place where the Steelworkers gather
With Hard Hats and Dust Masks and fibre all around
They congregate here in Old Cassiar Town

Some are working their Euclids while others are digging
There's some standing up and some lyin' down
While all kinds of fun, jokes, tricks are begun
As they wait for the ore from Old Cassiar grounds

There's men from the East Coast and men from the West Coast
In all kinds of work shirts, green, grey, and brown
There's a brown headed Newfie, out here acting goofie 
But he still earns his pay in Old Cassiar Town

There's men of all ages and girls in the bargain
There's Evans on Clinton and Randells on Brown
Up yonder is Pat Massin with his head in the basin
Ya he's all partied out in Old Cassiar Town

The man with the whiskers is old David Foster
He's getting well up but he's still pretty sound
We all remember Pat Watson, she's knitting more stockings
For those who go walking on the Cassiar grounds

Holy Smoke. What a bustle: all hands are excited
It's a wonder to me that nobody's left town
He's alway's provoking with his clowning and joking
It's just Pumpkin, having fun, in Old Cassiar Town

If you ever decide to become a Steelworker
Leave your white shirts and collars behind in your town
And if you get cranky without a silk hanky
You'd better stay clear of Old Cassiar Town.

Contributed by Carole Chatelaine (now Finch)

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