Cassiar Lions Club Commemorative Coins

The Cassiar Lions Club commissioned Cassiar's resident artist Walter Comper to design the commemorative coins to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the club (1954-1984) and as a fundraiser. Note the "20th" error. The Cassiar Retail Store, the Royal Bank and the Cassiar Community Club had all agreed to take them at par and would give them out as change or sell them. They also purchased them from the Lions at $2 to use as above. At any Lions Club event they were given back as change. These events included a Casino night and a few other events. The coins were thus circulated and afterwards the Lions Club would buy them back at $2 each from the store, bank and CCC. Funny - none coins were ever "sold" back to the Lions so every one that was sold was a "profit" minus the minting cost.

There were special orders available - sterling silver and gold plated and solid gold. There were several ordered in silver and gold plated but I only remember one solid gold ordered. (possibly 2 - a sure sign of old age). Lothar Kutz, staunch Lions Club member and supported definitely ordered one.

The Cassiar Lions Club beat the Canadian Mint in issuing $2 coins.

If anyone wants a used (circulated) coin Dave Brocklebank has a few in a box of memorabilia he is willing to part with. He is in the Cassiar Address Book.

Contributed by Dave Brocklebank, Cassiar Lions Club

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