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In December 2011 I received a gift of a Lions Club bell and gavel with a Cassiar connection, a nice treasure.

A local client involved with the Powell River Lions Club gave it to me. She was rummaging through a storage locker at the local den and saw the word "Cassiar" on it and knows of my connection to Cassiar. No one at the den knows anything about the bell, or how it got there. I have a theory about that and based on comments from others, it so far is the most popular theory.

Rupert & Marg McKenzie lived in Powell River before living in Cassiar, and then moved back to Powell River after they retired. In fact both died here long ago, just shortly after I moved here in 1983. I know Rupert was a strong supporter of the Cassiar Lions Club, as was my father and many other people in Cassiar. Perhaps the McKenzies brought it here to Powell River.

I disassembled the bell so I could polish it. It has scratches and pits too deep to polish out, but looks so much nicer now, and the two engraved inscriptions are easier to read. I sanded the handsome base too. I think its walnut, about 1 1/2 inches thick. Here are thumbnail links to four photos, including close-ups of the engravings.

Bell & Gavel

SEPT. 12, 1969"

"Stolen by
Cassiar Lioness
Oct. 3/1978"

"Stolen by
Cassiar Lioness
Oct. 3/1978"

I have produced a short (52 seconds) video clip, which includes ringing the bell. It really does have a lovely sound.

You can view the video on my Youtube "Lens2Screen" account, here:

Apparently the stealing of bells was a fun tradition of camaraderies amongst Lions Clubs. One club would "steal" another club's bell and victim club would then have to visit the other club, pay a fine to get it back.

If you can shed any more light on the history of this bell, especially the "stealing" we'd love to hear the story.

Contributed by Herb Daum

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