The Timex that took a licking

Jack Spycher, who worked as a hunting guide for Frank Stewart and equipment operator in the Cassiar mine told us of his amazing Timex wristwatch. Frank Stewart also owned heavy equipment and his employees used to operate and maintain it. One time Jack was helping repair a transmission in a bull dozer (Cat D8 I think it was) when his Timex fell off his wrist and disappeared into the transmission. They weren't able to retrieve the watch.

The huge expense of tearing the transmission apart and need to get the machine back into service were not justified so it was decided the watch would have to stay there, submerged in gear oil at the bottom of the transmission. So the repairs were completed and the machine went back to work.

Over a year later the transmission needed repairs again, but this time needed a major repair requiring removal and disassembly. It was at this time that Jack's long-forgotten watch was discovered in the bottom of the transmission. Jack cleaned it off, wound it up and it worked perfectly. Now there is a testament to Timex's famous slogan "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking"!

Sadly Jack died of a gunshot wound in an unprovoked attack from a fellow resident in a Cassiar bunkhouse in July 1979.

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