Ham Radio Operators in Cassiar

Grant Smith arrived in 1971 already having his basic ham radio operator license, and got the advanced license and call VE7BGS shortly thereafter, issued from the Prince George office.

Not long after that, the Whitehorse DOT office started examining applicants for northern BC, and Len Werner got VECWA, an effort very much stimulated by Grant.

John Slana got VE7CWG, issued some time after Len left, and believes Grant urged him on quite a bit too.

Len writes:

I happened to have talked to John on 80 meters the very evening he was driving down the Stewart-Cassiar highway after 'turning off the lights' when the town shut down; he was one of the last to leave. One would have to be a ham radio operator to know just how close the conversation still was, even though I had left the town almost 20 years earlier.

Contributed by Len Werner (still VE7CWA)

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