Cassiar Golf Course

I believe it was 1984, or around that date, anyway it was the year of the Cottonwood Fire. Cassiar had its first summer shutdown and everyone went on holidays. I was left to oversee some projects in the pit. Getting pretty bored, I asked Paul Clarke if we could use a Cat and make a gun range at the air strip. Paul said he did not have a problem with that as long as we built a 3-hole golf course in the same area. So that is what we did. I can't remember everybody that helped but it was pretty much volunteer work. The company supplied cats, graders and trucks to get it finished. I believe later on it was made into a 6-hole course. So we got our rifle and handgun range and Paul got his golf course. Those were the days my friend, where we could get away with that type project. It probably would not fly today in our new world.

Contributed by John Van Damme

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