Felix Letain

Ron Jones wrote:

Around the years 1948-50 I was a young forest ranger, my neighbor, half a mile of bush away, was a very rugged, veteran prospector. I helped with the birth of his daughter. We became friends and would meet occasionally in remote spots. He fell out with the law and served a short spell.

Later, our next meeting was up in a coast inlet where he had gone to sleep at the wheel of his boat, crashed into the shoreline bluffs and broken bones. He talked about a "woolley mountain" in the Cassiars that he had heard Indians talking about while they were also regretting their legal sins. Our paths never again crossed although I believe he found his mountain. His name was Felix Letain.

Art Letain of Vernon, BC wrote in November 2015 that Felix was his uncle and had two daughters. He believes Felix died in 1965.

Bill Plumb, Cassiar's Chief Geologist 1958-1974, remembers Felix too:

I did not meet Felix, as he dealt with Conwest when they optioned his Kutcho claims above Letain Lake. I think Conwest must have named the lake after him. He was, however quite a "character" -- a sort of "barracks room lawyer" (an old army term) and he caused a lawsuit with Cassiar over delay in development of the Kutcho because he figured he could get some other asbestos company to move faster and so he sued Cassiar for more money, Of course he lost the suit eventually but that delayed it's development and gave Cassiar more time to work on their Clinton Creek prospect.

He also tried to play tricks on Bill Smitheringale, Conwest's consulting geologist. He showed Bill a vial of gold dust and refused to say where he had got it. That bothered Bill a lot -- but he thought the dust looked too clean and eventually discovered that Felix had bought it from a well-known placer mining company and showed it to Smitheringale as a lark.


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