"Descent into Madness, the Diary of a Killer"

Vernon Frolick wrote a book "Descent into Madness, the Diary of a Killer"

ISBN is 0-88839-321-0.  It's published by Hancock house and is available at www.amazon.com and likely your local library as well.

Some excerpted comments from Cassiarites who have read the book.

"It's about the guy who murdered Gunter Lishy"

"It is an excellent read with some familiar names of people from the Dease Lake, Iskut, Cassiar area.  Freddy Day is mentioned a number of times in the book as well as his father Fletcher."

"...I think you are referring to a guy called Chesley Mike,  Cheshley(?) is an area I think north west of Telegraph Creek, an area that Fletcher hunted (guided in). He left that area and went to Atlin where he bumped into Gunther Lichy, who used to trap from Pinetree Lake to Boya Lake, had various cabins, including the Mighty Moe cabin on Cotton Lake. The news came down from Atlin that Gunther had gone missing and it was very suspicious.  The cops had thought of Mike but couldn't prove anything and they didn't find Gunther's remains.  The case did not close and Mike moved to Teslin,  finally the cops must have found something and went to arrest Mike,  an RCMP dog handler from Terrace was shot dead by Mike and Mike was then shot by another RCMP,  the shot was supposedly impossible but Mike was dead.  A subsequent search of the cabin Mike was in found Gunther's pistol, a 44 mag that I had personally shot at Pinetree Lake years before, along with other personal things of Gunther's."

"... it is a great historical and factual story about a crazed American living in the Teslin Valley. One RCMP officer was killed (the dog man).
The roots to Cassiar is that Teslin Mike (Can't remember the proper name) killed the eccentric German that built the cabins and trapline at Mighty Moes. His body had been reported missing in the Teslin Valley and it is only after the death of the mad man that his body was discovered in a lake weighted down. Every one should read it. Corp. Bob Bowen Cassiar detachment was also involved in some way. Mike Buday, was the RCMP officer that was killed."

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