Cassiarites Streak for Charity

True confessions of a Cassiar get-away car driver Mike Hutchen, who recalls:

One cold winter night in about 1974 when such things were popular, the late Bob Philips and a friend (whose name I forget) decided to "streak" though the bar. The plan was for me to drop them off at the front door and drive around the back to pick them up as they exited. I can only imagine the surprise of the people in the bar but I do know Bob's reaction when he completed his run, to find out that instead of waiting for them I had driven home to Kennedy Street. He was, to say the least, somewhat cold after running from the bar to Kennedy in nothing but a pair of socks.

For those unfamiliar with the term "streak" it could be defined as "making a dash in or through public places while nude". Kennedy Street was five blocks from the bar so that was quite the chilly sprint those streakers would have endured. I wasn't in the bar that night, but do remember hearing about this event. It was Cassiar's claim to fame for having the first known streak for charity. I don't recall what cause Bob and his co-streaker were trying to raise funds for... minor hockey, curling, union? If you remember the cause and who the co-streaker was please let me know.

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