Beauty Queen of 1968

Remembering the beauty contest, Aug. 31, 1968, always makes me smile.  I don't remember the prerequisites except you had to be 13 years old.  I got in with two days to spare.  There were seven or eight of us out there believing we had what it took to win the prize. The judge I remember was Gordon Edwards. It seemed fitting because he was the magistrate.

A walk back and forth across the end of the pool then standing there shaking in the cold wind wasnt enough for the judges to make a decision. They said we all looked so good they couldn't pick.  We then had to swim back and forth across the pool. This was the real scary part because I could barely float at the time.

I walked in the water and did a  mighty kick off from the side, hoping it would propel me across the pool so I wouldn't drown. On walking up the stairs out of the water I was thinking "so much for looking good".  As the air hit my body it became a mass of goose bumps. Water was streaming down my face and this wasnt fun anymore. I just wanted to go and put my clothes on.

When it was all over -  I WON!  I was so cold I didnt care but it was also a shock because I was the youngest.  The prize was a  kiss from the judges, a Lazy Susan Dresser Set and $2.  I still have the mirror and it reminds me of my five minutes in the sun - and the wind.

Contributed by Laurie Bremner (nee Hanley)

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