Anil Kaul, Badminton Professional and Superstar

Anil Kaul, who lived in and attended high school in Cassiar 1977-1983 was famous in Cassiar for his skill on the badminton court. He went on to lead a professional career in the sport and provided this summary for us. Way to go Anil!

After leaving Cassiar, I played and trained in Vancouver where I won many Provincial titles as a junior and in the Open category. Through badminton I have traveled the world and made many wonderful friends on every continent.  I still remember my start at the Cassiar School and Cassiar Community Centre where it all started.  I remember traveling to the Polar Games, in Stewart, Fort Nelson, Whitehorse, etc. to compete in badminton and all other sports.  I owe a lot to the community of Cassiar and all the people who supported me.  My family always supported me throughout my competitive years, and without them I am sure I would not have achieved all that I have - I can never thank my brother Atul, my dad, and especially my mom, enough for all that they did for me to realize my dreams.

Anil has retired from competitive badminton and now works for a pharmaceutical company in sales.

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