Asbestos Craft Night At Eve's Place!

My mother, Eve Thirlwell used to have the girls over once a week for a crafts night. 
Cec Terris and Pat Riddle (Witwicki) were generally in attendance as well as other ladies, including Mary Callow and Sherry Sethen, enjoying a night out. (My apologies for those names I've missed or forgotten.)

Cec would usually arrive early and join my father, Ed for a bite to eat.  She would "steal" one of dad's "smokies" and a bit of sauerkraut and generally give Ed a hard time.

One of the projects the girls worked on was flour based/asbestos figurines. With all the concerns about asbestos now, this may be a bit hard to fathom.  Those of you that knew Eve, knew she was asthmatic.

Eve had asked Ed to bring her home a bag of fine asbestos which she mixed with flour, water and salt to make this clay type material.  From this clay/asbestos mixture the girls made little people.  Some looked like little trolls, some like fairies, some like elves.  Then these figurines had to dry.  So our dinning room table was covered with "lazy susan's" with these asbestos figurines in the various stages of drying or being painted.  I seem to remember our table being covered with these things for an awfully long time! 

Eve even made a lamp base which they used for years and a panda bear out of the flour/asbestos mixture!

Contributed by Susan Thirlwell

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