First Hospital Board Elected

On March 23, 1983, the Cassiar Hospital Society held a meeting, attended by approximately 50 people. Elections were held and the nine directors were elected who were Al Beaton, Sandy Crawford, Frank Buckley, Bill Morrison, Doug Kerr, Don Best, Ray Hamilton, Owen Corcoran, Denyse Tavener. In addition to the nine members elected, the following people stood for election to the Board: Jim Bondesen, Rita Brown, Jim Callow, Fiona Carew, Maria Cvetkovich, Christel Daum, Stan Deyo, Louise Hara, Marvel Nitti and Lee Patton. Prior to the election, 61 memberships to the Cassiar Hospital Society were sold and 41 ballots were cast at the election. The mine elected members, plus one government appointed director - not yet named - will be responsible for all policies regarding the Cassiar Hospital. A spokesman for the Board advised that a meeting will be held shortly to elect an executive. He also advised that Mr. Peter Snell has been hired as Hospital Administrator - Director and will be assuming those duties May 1st, 1983.

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