1966 School Promotions

Here to jog our memories - the Cassiar School Promotions, in no particular order, as were reported in a 1966 Asbestos Sheet.

Promoted to Grade Two:
Forbes, Robert
Overton, Shelley
Rushfeldt, Diana
Hubbell, Allen
Rattray, Gayleen
Lovell, Judy
Wingelmann, Helen
Flanagan, Kimberly
Leal, Antonio
Tischler, Hans
Schorcht, Ulrika
Voss, Rolf
Rettich, Clemens
Hisch, Gertrude
Flanagan, Kevin
Pedersen, Bent
Drzimotta, John
Simmons, Helen
Comper, Mary
Kennealy, Michael
Tomashewski, Patsy
Promoted to Grade Three:
Schorcht, Blanca
Swanson, Donna
Borsato, Marie
Genneale, Betty-Ann
Neilson, Trevor
Pete, Mavis
Gleason, Lois
Pete, Annie
Tomashewski, Peggy
Simmons, Bobby
Woody, Dana
Comper, Walter
Kennealy, Teresa
Pete, Kenny
Tischler, Andre
Tomashewski, Beverley
Dennis, Elvis
Promoted to Grade Four:
Beguin, Jimmy
Cook, Allen
Donner, Kenny
Pederson, Byron
Voss, Jutta
Gleason, Chris
Flanagan, James
Caron Paul
Cook, Gordon
Lovell, June
Hodgson, Sandra
Day, Roddie
Flanagan, Curtis
Day, Freddie
Promoted to Grade Five:
Simmons, Christina
Daum, Christel
Dennis, Florene
Woody, Laurie
Irwin, Sandy
Pete, Laura
Hubbell, Darrell
Joseph, Wilma
Murdoch, Brian
Van Heel, Theo
Massin, Margaret
Pete, Barbara
Promoted to Grade Six:
Daum, Herbert
Hanley, Laurie
Hubbell, Frances
Lovell, Bobby
Donner, Mark
Drzimotta, George
Joseph, Alex
Drzimotta, Walter
Murdoch, Karen
Kennealy, Laurel
Dennis, Hector
Promoted to Grade Seven:
Duri, Leo
Zelisney, Doreen
Cook, Douglas
Caron Brian
Joseph, Helen
Hanley, Kathleen
Irwin, Sandra
Borsato, Denise
Nielson, Deborah
Joseph, Judy
Promoted to Grade Eight:
Hodgson, Linda
Forbes, Gerald
Hubbell, Larry
Irwin, Donna
Nitti, Corinne
Rivard, Johanne
Promoted to Grade Nine:
Caron Diane
Dennis, Norman
Drzimotta, Sonia
Hanley, Donald
Hubbell, Phyllis
Isidoro, Antonio
Nitti, Jack
Storie, Patricia
Tomashewski, Marlene
Woody, Shelley
Woody, Sharon
Gander, Heather
Promoted to Grade Ten:
Hallam, Lorraine
Pete, Melvin
Woody, Debra
Irwin, Donald
McAndrew, Kathleen
Diane Caron received the Cassiar Lions Club Annual Award for the best student in the secondary grades. The One Hundred Dollar Government Bond was presented to Diane by Lion Gordon Edwards and Lion Ralph Hoffman at a ceremony at the school.

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