In the summer of 1949 I was a member of a Geological Survey of Canada working in the area, when the party chief Leon Price and an assistant came across the orebody's surface expression, which Price suggested "could be mined with a rake". We told everybody we met about it, and as a result it was staked by prospectors shortly afterward. The mine's subsequent history has always been of special interest to me.

The summer I was there a California company named Moccasin Mines put a gold dredge on McDame Creek, using a road they built from the Alaska Highway to the old Madame Post, and then up Madame Creek. It was more like a bulldozed right of way, which was quite passable that summer, but after a couple of spring break-ups it was much more difficult to travel. When we moved camp away from the road we used pack horses, making use of old trails, probably dating back to Gold Rush days, but maintained over the years by travelling moose and deer.

Contributed by Bill Little

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