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Hello. I have been thinking about it for awhile, and have decided that this is for the best. I am giving up the web page within the next week or two. I have asked Herb Daum to take it over and he accepted. He is really great at this kind of stuff, and will do the site justice. I am sorry I have not given that much time and effort to it in a long time. That is why I feel I have to let it go. He will maintain this page very well, and I think you will all be much more pleased at what he will do for this site. The reunion information can still be sent to him, and he will see to it that it is put on the site. Thank you all for kind words, and just for enjoying my site enough to come back. I have included the letter I sent to Herb, so that you will see why I feel it necessary to give up the site and also why I have asked Herb. If you have any questions, feel free to email either Herb or myself. He should have all the information he needs to take it over within a week. Thank you.

Simone Rowlinson

Be sure to read Simone's Story

Letter to Herb, March 1, 2000

Hi Herb,

I was debating this for a long time but now I realize it, I am really not devoted to this site, and it means so much to so many people. I am always putting off doing stuff to it, and it needs someone to give it 100% of their effort. This site is a big part of so many peoples lives. Perhaps the reason I am not putting too much into it is because I only lived there for 2 years and do not feel the connection to it as much as everyone else, of that I am not sure. But anyway, there is a point to this letter. I am looking for someone to take the web page over, and really give it what it deserves. It takes a lot of time, so I am not sure if you would like it to be a hobby. But you are the person I automatically think of when I think of asking someone. You have helped me out many times, and you are very knowledgeable at doing web pages. I started this page, not thinking it would become what it has become, and now I feel that I have disappointed a lot of people because I really don't maintain it at all. I would like to know if you would like to take it over. I would only give it to you if you truly wanted it, and could truly devote time and commitment to it, because it deserves that much. I don't mind if you completely change it, because it really does need a major overhaul, and I trust that you would do amazing things with it. You have been the most helpful and kind person to me, and I appreciate everything you have done for me. So if you could think about it, and whether you truly want the commitment, and tell me what you think.

Thank you Herb

Your friend,

Herb's Acceptance and Welcome

Herb Daum with 25 pound Spring salmon caught in Powell River, BC

Herb Daum in 2002

First let me introduce myself. I am a long-time former resident of Cassiar. I was born there in 1954 and left in 1983 and so do have a considerable history there and had many photo opportunities too. Many of you will remember me (perhaps as Herbert) and/or my family: parents Oskar & Erna Daum and sister Christel. You can read more about me in the page "Herb's Story".

When Simone asked me to take over the original website I was flattered with the proposal. I thought about it for few days and knew it would be a fair bit of work just to overhaul the site to make it a bit easier for folks to get around and give it a consistent appearance. From what I had read in the Guest Book and the old Message Board I knew the site was important to many people besides me. I knew I would have to do a good job on the site and felt I had some of the skills to do it justice. So I agreed, thinking it would take at most a few hours a week. Little did I suspect what levels I would end up taking it to, growing the website from the original 5 pages to over 100 pages now and its still growing. That 100+ pages is not counting the hundreds and hundreds of photographs in the photo album. If you remember the original site I think you will agree that I have met and surpassed Simone's expectations. Let me stress that what Simone has started here should never be forgotten, as she planted a very powerful seed. Simone, I personally thank you for starting the site and then entrusting this to me so that all Cassiarites can benefit in the experience in this virtual community.

The initial site overhaul was been completed long ago however the site is a work in progress. Additions and revisions to the site are frequent. Among other things the Cassiar Address Book grows as more and more Cassiarites check in, often several a week. Sadly the "In Memory" section is growing steadily too.

"Where and when will it end?" you might ask. Well that is really difficult to answer. Looking at things pessimistically I can see interest wane in a few years. However I am an optimist and it would give me great satisfaction to see the site continue to attract Cassiarites and continue to keep the Cassiar memories alive for many years to come, even after the last true Cassiarite has died and gone to the "big tailings pile in the sky". Other factors that are very significant and could end it quickly and unexpectedly are:

If you find any errors (spelling, wrong name in a photo caption, date, wrong information, etc.) please report them to me so I can deal with them as soon as possible. Please check back to make sure I have made the changes. Its easy to lose track of the things that get buried in the "To do" list (now where did my desk get to?). Please take your time and enjoy your visit to the virtual community of "Cassiar... do you remember?" Help us keep the Cassiar memories alive with your contributions. Contributions can be financial, Cassiar related material and news of Cassiarites (births, deaths, marriages), etc. Do come back often as I am sure you will find something new and interesting most times. After you have made your first tour through the website please contact all the Cassiarites that you are in touch with but but who have not yet checked in. Contact them in any way you can and as soon as you can, and let them know about this website. They would also be pleased to learn of this virtual community, just like you were when you found it.

Herb Daum

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