Simone's Story

by Simone Rowlinson (nee Tietz)
Founder of the "Cassiar do you remember?" web site

Photo of Simone Rowlinson (Tietz) and familyI was asked to write a little bit about myself, and have been putting it off for quite some time for I find it hard to put my story on paper.

I moved to Cassiar B.C. in 1990, when I was just going into Grade 9. I only lived in Cassiar for 2 years, so I dont have the same connection to Cassiar that most people have. I dont really know how to explain my life in Cassiar except for to say: I made some great friendships, did some stupid stuff, learned a lot about myself, grew up a bit there, and left a part of me behind. Cassiar was a very beautiful place. I have to admit for a teenager there wasnt a whole lot to do there, but we managed. Probably the biggest way to stay in touch with "new stuff" was to rent the movies that were not always so new from Sapna Videos, our one big luxury in Cassiar. J

Even for a small town Cassiar did have some places I will never forget. I will never forget the Cookery where I spent countless hours fooling around with friends, and enjoying the great food they made. I will never forget twin lakes, where I once ventured up there with a friend at 5am to meet our friends, since we were the only ones who were not allowed to go camp for the night. I wont forget the teachers, some who I still keep in contact with, and others that would probably not want to see me again. I will always remember my first "love", best friends, and good and bad times that I had in Cassiar. So even though I only lived there for a short amount of time, I will always be thankful I had the chance to live in Cassiar B.C.

I created this page mostly out of curiosity. I was living in Duncan B.C. and Stephanie Slana, (another former Cassiar resident) and I were pretty bored. I decided to start a Cassiar page, and see if we could see some familiar names in our guestbook. The page was not the prettiest sight, as I had no knowledge at all about html, and the other stuff that comes along with making a webpage. So the first attempt was pretty feeble. Little did I know, that people would actually come to the site. I checked back often and as I saw the page grow, I decided maybe it would be worth it to learn a little about webpages. So I went to many pages, and soon became familiar with the things I needed to know. I put a lot of hours into the page, and a lot of late nights.

My reasons for keeping the page up were simple. First it has been a very interesting project to work on and be involved in. So many people lost the most important thing, as I too lost my hometown. I lived in Pine Point NWT for the first 12 years of my life when it too shut down, so I sympathize with everyone from Cassiar, because its an empty feeling not being able to have a hometown to visit or go back home too. I had the same sad and angry feelings when Cassiar shut down. It is not a nice feeling to not choose to leave but to be forced to, so I guess that I felt ripped off too.

Sure, I went on with life after Cassiar closed, as we all did. We moved across the country to Labrador City, Newfoundland, which was a pretty big change. The whole time I was there, I still longed to be back in B.C. I graduated in 1994, and the next summer made the big move back to B.C. to go live with my best friends from Cassiar. Only this time it was somewhere warmer, Vancouver Island. I met my husband there, and in 1997 we got married, and also gave birth to our son, Ryan. We are expecting our second one in September 2000. Some day, I would like to drive through the place where Cassiar once stood, because if Cassiar had never existed I would never have had the chance to meet so many great people, and to say that I once lived in one of the most beautiful places in Canada.

I emailed Herb Daum in March of 2000, after many months of thinking. I was starting to neglect the page a lot, and just started to get frustrated with the amount of work it took to do even the smallest things. For about a year before hand, Herb had been in contact with me, and helped me with a lot of things on the page. He was always there to give advice, tips, and even constructive criticism. So when I decided it was time to let the page go into experienced hands, he was the first and only person I thought would do justice to this page. I am very proud to have made that decision because I think he is doing a great job, and will continue to make this page wonderful and inviting.

I hope you have all enjoyed this page, and I will always be proud to say, "I created the first Cassiar B.C. homepage". I hope this page has brought you back to old friends, remember old memories, catch up with the past, and served as a homecoming place to a town we all loved and lived in. If so, then I have succeeded

Simone Rowlinson J

Note: After staring the Cassiar website Simone also created the "Pine Point... Do you remember?" website at

This special page is one of two such pages that are provided here to give viewers a bit of background on the webmasters - the Cassiarites who have devoted a huge amount of energy and effort in developing the "Cassiar... do you remember?" website for you. Regretfully, due to limitations of webspace and energy there are no solicitations for such stories from other Cassiarites. If you wish to share your story you are welcome to post one in the Cassiar Guest Book.

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