Cassiar Reunion 2004

I single-handedly organized a Cassiar Reunion in Powell River, BC for July 16-18 2004. Many people, 150 to be exact, came from around the world, including California, England, Germany, Slovenia and Australia. Some of the guests hadn't seen each other in 40 or 50 years and it was very moving to witness old friends discover each other with shouts of joy as they embraced. Not all guests were present for the group photo.

Be sure to see Reunion 2004 Photos in the Photo Album.

Distinguished and Special Guests that joined us:

 The guest list lists people by the first and last name and in the case of ladies who've married in Cassiar or since leaving, has both names to make it easier for everyone. For example my sister will be listed as "Christel Daum (now Travnik)". The guest list also has the years each person was in Cassiar or Clinton Creek and will also have a brief description, this being a summary of the person's listing in the Cassiar Address Book. In the case of spouses/partners who were never in Cassiar the years will be "N/A" and the description would indicate the connection or who they are traveling with.

Guest List.pdf

The same information, (name, years and description), was also printed on clip-on name badges.

Herb Daum

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