Personal Mini Reunions of Cassiarites

Several Cassiarites have had the pleasure of having their own personal "Mini Reunions" as a direct result of this website. These people had lost contact over the years and have reconnected after finding each other on the site. Here are some of their stories.

Elementary Grade students reunite with teacher after 37 years!
Brian Caron, Joan Ridley and Herb Daum, November 2000, Harrison Lake, BC.
Joan was a popular teacher in Cassiar, teaching Grades one and two. Herb and Brian, both students of hers, lost contact  with Joan when she left Cassiar in 1963. Deirdre Normoyle (now Fitzpatrick), an older schoolmate and former Kennedy St. neighbour of Joan, has managed to keep in touch with her. When Deirdre discovered this website in year 2000 she contacted Herb and provided the contact information for Joan. Brian and Herb contacted Joan and a happy mini-reunion was arranged 37 years after they parted ways in Cassiar.


Boyhood friends meet again after 26 years!

Herb & daughter Alana Daum & Brian Caron, September 2000, Powell River, BC
Brian and Herb were both born in (the first two boys born there actually), and grew up together in Cassiar (their mothers were in the Cassiar Hospital's "Maternity Ward" at the same time). They attended school in Cassiar together until Grade 10, graduated from High School in Vancouver and eventually lost contact with each other after one year of University in 1974. Brian paid a personal visit to Herb in Powell River in July and they have met repeatedly since.
Brian Caron wrote:
"When I left Cassiar and the mining industry in 1972 I thought I had lost contact with most of my friends and schoolmates. Miners and their families are by necessity a nomadic group of people. Every mine will one day deplete its ore body, or cease operations due to market conditions, and the workers and their families will then have to relocate. Cassiar was no exception, and after its closure the past residents have spread around the globe.

I was very pleased to discover the Cassiar web-site as it has allowed me to become reacquainted with many old friends and work-mates. Herb Daum was one of my first contacts and we e-mail each other regularly. I visited Herb at his home in Powell River this summer and it was a truly enjoyable reunion. Although we had not been in contact for over 26 years we talked non-stop for hours as the memories came flooding back. We also discovered that even though Herb and I have chosen totally different career paths we share many similarities. For example; we both enjoy some of the same hobbies, we own identical makes of motor vehicles and we both married women who are Certified Dental Assistants. (It must have something to do with being born in the same hospital at the same time)!

Herb and I have already made arrangements to meet again soon. Thanks to this web-site I now communicate with several other ex-Cassiarites and I will visit with another old friend in the next few weeks. I am looking forward to the Cassiar Reunion next summer."

Herb Daum wrote:
When I first learned of the Cassiar... do you remember? website one evening I was up till the wee hours exploring the photos, the Guestbook, the Message Board, and of course the page of addresses (yes, it was only one page then). I was delighted to find listed there several people I was hoping to find. Brian Caron was one of them. Brian and I started corresponding regularly by email. When Brian suggested he come to Powell River for a visit I responded with a hearty "Yes!" We spent the day catching up, poring over both of our photo albums and even snuck in a couple of hours looking for the elusive salmon. The day was quite a trip down memory lane because whenever one of us said something it would trigger a flood of half-forgotten memories which when mentioned would have a similar effect on the other.

When Brian caught his flight home after a much too short visit I realized that I still had a hundred stories and memories surfacing that we didn't have time to talk about. I look forward to our next visit to catch up some more and also to creating new memories with an old friend. I also look forward to renewing other friendships."


Former neighbours reunite in Chilliwack

Vic and Judy Pearson heard the recent CBC Radio interview with Herb Daum, visited the web site, saw the listing for Roger Cousins in the address book and contacted him. They met for lunch in August 2000

Vic and Judy Pearson wrote:
"We were neighbours of the Cousins' on Zimmerman Street in the early seventies. One of Fred and Vivian's family is their son Roger, who as a high school student worked in the Retail Store (of which I was the manager) during the summer of 1973. We saw Roger's name in the address list of the Cassiar site, and we were able to catch up with him in Chilliwack in early August. We had a grand time of "name-swapping" - and we must have kept Roger from getting as much work done as he had perhaps planned for that afternoon!

We heard the news of Roger's parents, and we recalled that one of our possessions from Cassiar days is a woven place mat that his mother Vivian gave to us. It was good to hear also of Roger's brothers and sister; there was a sense of "full circle" to hear that Roger's brother Glen is now with the Northern Stores company in Baffinland, as the predecessor to that company was a large part of my life in the fifties and sixties.

The web site is great, and we look forward to renewing more contacts through the site."

Roger Cousins wrote:
"In the summer of '72 I had just finished grade 11 at Vancouver College and I was due to go out again in the fall. The company always found jobs for students who were "going out" and that summer I was lucky enough to get a job in the store under the cook house. I must say that the atmosphere was friendly and the boss was pretty forgiving.

When Vic contacted me, I was first astounded that he remembered a kid who worked for him for only a few months 29 years ago. We had a really nice visit over lunch, and if a little work didn't get done that afternoon, I am sure the Queen will forgive me for it. It proved to be a small world indeed when I found out that Vic had worked in the north in many of the places where Glenn has worked. Mom will be thrilled, I am sure, to hear that Judy's place mat has survived all this time.

It is amazing how many names and faces came to mind as we talked about those days in Cassiar. I am glad that Judy heard the radio interview and visited the site. I hope that many more will do so in the near future, and that they too may link up with a friend from days past."


The story of the two Lauries

Laurie Hanley (now Bremner) and Laurie Kennealy (now Campbell) both started school in Cassiar and were play mates and school mates until the Kennealy family moved away in 1966. They managed to keep in touch for four more years. Thirty years later, in August 2000, they reconnected and learned of some very surprising other connections.

Laurie Hanley wrote:
"Laurie and I were friends for years before she left Cassiar. She moved to Whitehorse when she was 10. I used to scrounge up change to make payphone calls to her. The last time I saw her was when we were 14, the summer of 1970. We lost contact as kids do, as they move along with their lives. One day I checked my email and the subject was: I don't believe this". My reply was: I don't believe this either. I said "Wouldn't it be a hoot if we were neighbours". We live about 20 miles apart. When we got together a week later it was like it was last week, not 30 years ago. We didn't talk much about memories but took up the conversation from yesterday. Mostly we talked about family and life in general. The funniest thing happened though. Laurie's husband and I are very much into genealogy. I was telling her about my search and she was telling me of a trip they had gone on, for genealogy. Neither Laurie or my husband have much interest in it all. A couple of hours after she left the phone rang. I answered and she said "You won't believe this." I said "They're related aren't they?" Our husbands are related with the connection being in 1830. Rusty and I went out to their home and we had another great visit. Talk about double connecting!

I have contacted and been contacted by old friends from Cassiar because of the Website and it is a great vehicle for bringing old memories back to life. I hope more people will do it. I am REALLY glad I have met her again.  You sure forget what it was like to have a really close friend like that.  I had forgot so much and just being around her brings a lot of it back."

Laurie Kennealy wrote:
"You don't realize how fast thirty years go or how you lost track of a friend for thirty years. My aunt told me about the Cassiar site so one evening I decided to go have a look. I started by looking at the pictures of the school kids and recognized a lot of names and faces. I started wondering what happened to my childhood friend Laurie. Well off to the message board to see if anyone from my time had surfed in and what a surprise, Laurie (Hanley) Bremner had left a message. I could not believe it, thirty years melted away and I remembered the fun we had as kids and the long phone conversations we had after my family moved to Whitehorse.

Laurie and I met on one of my Fridays off and we had a wonderful afternoon reminiscing our time together as kids in Cassiar. Most of our visit consisted of catching up on our lives after we lost track of each other at fourteen. It was great to hear about her family and their whereabouts and very sad to hear of her losses. Thirty years is a very long time to lose track but after seeing her again, the time faded and it seemed like yesterday when we were spinning our dreams of grandeur.

As Laurie said, our husbands are very very long lost cousins and enjoyed meeting each other too. Hopefully we will not lose track of each other in the next thirty years Laurie."


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