The "Cassiar... do you remember?" logo

Cassiar... do your remember? logo

This logo above, and all derivatives of it are my intellectual property. The logo was designed by me, for my use with this website and any related advertising and promotion for the website, attracting Cassiarites to the website and Cassiar related functions such as reunions and any other use as I see fit.

This logo is not in any way related to any logos used by Cassiar Asbestos Corporation or any other company that operated in Cassiar. It is my design exclusively.

If you wish to use this logo in any way whatsoever, on paper, electronically, or otherwise you must seek my approval and permission first. I will be reasonable and your requests will most likely be approved. I may also be able to supply you with the design in a format more suitable for your needs. I do need to be asked however.

Herb Daum

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