Welcome to the virtual community of Cassiar, BC. We are so glad you found us and dropped in for a visit with your old friends from Cassiar and Clinton Creek.

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Cassiar Reunion, July 28, 2017 - to be held in Cassiar townsite!

Contact organizer Margery Loverin at dmloverin@aim.com

If you are on Facebook please visit the "Cassiar, B.C. Silver 25th Reunion 2017" group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/549361448607331/

You are asked to register here:

If you are on Facebook you can see photos of the designs for the clothing offered at registration site above and which will be delivered at the reunion on this post:

Good news! The book "Cassiar: A Jewel in the Wilderness" is once again available as it has been set up to be printed on demand, so you can order any time.
Click the link for details and ordering information.

Gordon Loverin, former Cassiar resident has taken some fantastic videos of Cassiar and a couple of nearby lakes and posted them on Youtube. Taken in August 21, 2015.
Cassiar 2015:.https://youtu.be/oAbHDPUx80g
    Note: you may find this 1970 Cassiar streetmap.pdf helpful to orient yourself to the scenes in the video.
Deep Lake: https://youtu.be/bzkOg1Y_bzU
Lang Lake: https://youtu.be/wIIt6s8s2gA
Requiem for Cassiar, shot in 1992 as Cassiar was closing: https://youtu.be/-pmjFXt0FRM

Cassiar Mine Auction - the end of Cassiar
Cassiar Mine Auction - the end of Cassiar

March 14, 2013. WorkSafe BC is now paying to screen anyone with an asbestos exposure claim

CBC  published an investigative report on Cassiar's workers living in fear due to exposure to asbestos, September 4, 2012.
Here is the link to the first in the series
Link to the second segment:

This story is not over so look for continuing coverage on CBC and related news media.

Sept. 14, 2012 - Here is more breaking news.


There is a common ground that kindred spirits walk. Shared thoughts forever bind their souls.
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In this website you can sign into and then search the Cassiar Address Book for old friends, classmates, work colleagues, etc. who have checked in before you. In the book you will find their current addresses, email addresses and phone numbers, at least for most folks there.

You can flip through the pages of the Cassiar Photo Album for a wonderful trip down memory lane. You can discover some of Cassiar's history, read old Cassiar newspapers in the News Archives, and more. The website is organized into several sections, each devoted to a certain topic. The sections are "Home" (this main section), a "Gift Shop", "In Memory", "Cassiar (& Clinton Creek)", "Photos, "News", and "Trivia". Click on the section links above, near the top of the screen, to load the sections and view the pages within. Each section has its own set of pages and menu, just like you see here. I suggest you view all the pages in this Home section before exploring the other sections as there are many important and interesting pages here.

At this time Clinton Creek information is found in the Cassiar Section.

The Cassiar Address Book includes residents of both Cassiar and Clinton Creek, for many lived and worked in both towns.

Please help the University of Northern British Columbia to identify people and places in some Cassiar photos in their archives.
U.N.B.C. Archives Photo ID Project

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Please do spread the word about this site to all former Cassiarites and Clinton Creekers you might know or ever meet. Do NOT assume they already know. Above all, do enjoy your visit and come back often to see what new material has been added, see who else has checked in, etc.

Herb Daum
Cassiar Resident from 1954 to 1983

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