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If you are inquiring to get an interview for a Cassiar-related story for print, radio, TV, etc. I generally am agreeable to provide an interview. If you need to leave a voice message to contact you please provide your email address and/or toll-free phone number and perhaps follow up by with an email (address below).

Phone calling hours

As much as I am delighted to hear from Cassiarites, and if you seek help I'll do my best to assist, I truly regret having to post this and do so only because experience shows some people have little consideration for others (me). Before you dial I ask you please respect my life and my right for sleep. Acceptable hours to call are between 9 am to 9 pm (my time in British Columbia). I operate a business so I may have to ask you call back during evenings or on weekends. If you call very early or very late I trust it will be a matter of extreme urgency.

Travel information

If you are looking for travel information for the Cassiar area note that I have not been in the area for over 20 years and have no current information on services, fuel, road conditions, etc. there and cannot provide it to you.
However you will find some information from the Province of British Columbia's Ministry of Highways website at

You can reach webmaster Herb Daum by:

Phone: 1+604- 485-5504

Email - (sorry, not a clickable link - you'll have to type it):




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