The Cassiar Card - for you to hand out.

Click here to view or download the Cassiar CardGive the Cassiar Card to former residents of Cassiar and Clinton Creek to help them check in to this virtual community, either by Internet, email, phone or snail mail.

There are several versions of the card available, with or without a border line for ease of cutting; and in colour or black, so you choose what works best for your..

If you are printing the card on paper that is not perforated select the border version of the pdf file. Each card has a border of faint dotted lines to make it easy for you to cut the sheet into individual cards with scissors or a paper cutter.
Without Border:
If you are printing the card on business card paper stock that is already perforated for this purpose, such as Avery 8371 select the pdf file without a border around each card. The design here will fit perfectly on those sheets.
Cassiar Card with border, colour.pdf. Cassiar Card without border, colour.pdf
Cassiar Card with border, black.pdf Cassiar Card without border, black.pdf

If you meet someone do try to remember to give them a card! Hopefully they will give you one of their cards in exchange and then you can forward the details to me.

The reasoning of why you should participate with downloading, printing and distributing the Cassiar Card.

So often people report that they made some contact with a Cassiarite or Clinton Creeker and they have told that person about the Cassiar website. That news gets shared in the Cassiar Newsletter, and as a community we wait for the person to check in. Based on past experience over several years less than 10% of those people actually do check in. We can only speculate why they don't check in. Perhaps they forgot the website address, or were not given the correct address in the first place, perhaps their expertise with the Internet is inadequate, or perhaps they simply forgot.

It is so disappointing to learn of someone (often an old friend or acquaintance), wait for them to check in and they never do. Add to that the sad reality that we are getting older, and increasingly become ill and passing on. The opportunities to reconnect are lost forever.

You may not be aware of it but perhaps someone has been dearly waiting to hear of the person you've met and we don't want to let that person slip through the community's fingers. There are several people who have approached me hoping to find their sibling, parent or child, people that have apparently vanished and fallen off the radar. Perhaps someone has fallen victim to drugs or alcohol and lost his or her way and family anxiously searches and searches. Sometimes the need is purely social, but sometimes the need for the connection is deeply personal or urgent. Consider the importance of organ transplant from family members, or adopted children and the mothers who gave up their children, both trying to re-connect. Over the years these have all come to me.

Some of us are fortunate to know where all our loved ones are but many are not so lucky. On more than one occasion I've personally helped make a connection, or with the assistance of all you Cassiarites, have facilitated a connection. All parties concerned were very grateful once connection with loved ones or old friends was established. I am sure you know from previous newsletters that the people involved dictate the amount of privacy that must be maintained.

If you can be instrumental in making such connections I know that there are several people that would be more appreciative than you can imagine.

The files for the card here are in Adobe Acrobat file format. You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader software to open and print the pdf file. Many computers already have the very popular Acrobat Reader program installed. If you don't have it installed you can download the reader program for free from Adobe's website at Acrobat Reader is simple to install and simple to use. There is help on the Adobe website and in Acrobat's help menu.

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