British Columbia Historical Federation gives Website Prize 2004 to this Cassiar website

The British Columbia Historical Federation awarded the website prize for 2004 to the website.

Webmaster Herb Daum attended the award banquet on May 15, 2005 in Kelowna, BC.

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The 2004 Website Prize award Herb receives Website Prize 2004 from Jacqueline Gresko
President, BC Historical Federation
Herb presents Cassiar website on computer CD to Jacqueline Gresko
President, BC Historical Federation

Here is the speech that Herb gave after receiving the award.

Thank you to Jaqueline and the BC Historical Federation. It is an honour to be here and receive your website prize for 2004.


It has been a long journey that brought me here tonight. It started 50 years ago when I was born in the company mining town of Cassiar, BC.


I was the first boy born in Cassiar and I lived there for my first 29 years. I left when I had my fill of long cold winters and snow deep enough to dive into headfirst from the roof, when I moved to my current home of Powell River, BC.


I was glad to leave Cassiar and I love my new home town but I missed the close ties and friendships common to small and isolated communities where everyone knows your name.


In 1992 the Cassiar mine was forced to close. With the closure the socio-economic centre of the northwest region in this province, our largest region, was shut down and all of its residents were force to leave and relocate. They have spread all over the world.


With the common ground of the town bulldozed and burned to the ground friends eventually fell out of touch. Former residents of Clinton Creek, a short-lived mine that Cassiar Asbestos Corporation opened in the Yukon were similarly affected by an earlier closure.


About 6 years ago I was delighted to learn of a little 5-page website, Cassiar do you remember? I found there a handful of photos and page of addresses listing 125 Cassiarites with their current information. I found several long lost friends and our friendships have been rekindled and continue.


A year later Simone Rownlinson, the website founder, asked if I was willing to take over the website. I agreed and have invested thousands of volunteer hours in a labour of love, building a virtual community website, which you can find at


Today the website features several sections where you can find many hundreds of photos of Cassiarites and Clinton Creekers and of the place we used to call home. You can find there historical information of the mines, the towns, the people, personal accounts and much more.


There is the Cassiar Address Book with 1,000 listings for people with current contact information, helping everyone to keep in touch. As we all become older and become history, the In Memory section where I record obituaries, grows constantly.


I will never forget an email from a fellow when he first checked in. He wrote that hed found the website at 9 pm, has been thoroughly enjoying his visit down memory lane. Here it was 4 am already, he had to go to work in 2 hours and there was still so much to see!


In conclusion, I accept this award not only on my own behalf but also on the behalf of the many who have contributed somehow to the website we present to the world today. Their contributions include photographs, historical information, personal accounts, and even money for covering website expenses, just to make sure the website continues to exist.


The website is all we have left of our little town and it is a very special honour to have the site recognized to be historically significant.


Thank you!

I now take this opportunity to present to the federation a copy of the Cassiar website on this computer CD.

There were approximately 100 guests in attendance at the banquet, representing historical societies from many communities in British Columbia. There were several award winners for historically significant books published in 2004 and one website award. Click here to learn more about the British Columbia Historical Federation.


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