Comments from people who have signed into the Cassiar Address Book

If you are reluctant to sign into the Address Book you might be encouraged by the following. In January 2003 I sent an informal survey to people who have signed into the Cassiar Address Book, asking the following five questions. I also welcomed comments written in the respondent's own words.

  1. Have you re-established contact with long lost friends and acquaintances?
  2. Were you well rewarded by checking in?
  3. Did you get harassed by folks you would rather not have heard from?
  4. Have you ever regretted signing in?
  5. Would you encourage other Cassiarites to check in too?

Here are some of the responses, in no particular order. Most of these people have been listed in the book for over two years. As you can see, for almost everyone it has been a positive experience and no one has reported any negative aspects.

I can't believe I waited as long as I did to sign into the address book. I have heard from people who I have often wondered about and still have many more contacts to make. I  have always cherished my memories of Cassiar and been leary of the computer world changing so much but I now realize it has opened doors for other memories. 

Margaret Buenten (nee Voss)


Yes, I have re-established contact with long lost friends and acquaintances from years gone by. It has been an incredible experience that could only happen in this day and age of computers and internet access. We should all be grateful to have this wonderful opportunity available to us.

No, I have never been harassed by folks I would rather not have heard from. You have the option of deleting any unwanted e-mails if you so desire.

I would encourage all Cassiarites to check in. It can be a very heartwarming, joyful experience reconnecting with people you have wondered about for years. I look forward to many more Cassiarites checking in soon!

Barbara Leckie (nee Schneeberger)

Hi Herb,

It was a weekend a couple of years ago that while I was idly surfing the net and I ran into the Cassiar website.  Of course I had to get myself into the address book so I could check and remember the people, the place where I enjoyed some of the best years of my life.  It was actually through children of my friends that saw me listed and contacted me.  That led to contacting their moms and it was great to talk once again my good friends that I had often thought of and wondered about (and they had thought of me over the years too)!  Yes, that was a reward and I have no regrets about being listed.  I still have some friends to find and I really hope that more Cassiarites will check in.  Anyone who is out there and hasn't signed in should really consider what they are missing out on!  Harrassed by being listed?  How can an old friend be a harassment?

Linda Andrews

Although when I left Cassiar I hated it with a passion, the friends I had there were the best friends I ever had in my life. I found out about the Cassiar.. DO YOU REMEMBER web site shortly before the reunion and signed into the address book then. Since then I've got in touch with good friends via the web site. The latest reply was today and I'm in the process of getting in touch with two more who checked in last week. I feel everyone who visits the web site should check into the address book and I also feel if anyone has a couple of extra bucks that Herb deserves our support for the many hours he must spend doing what ever web masters do.

Thanks Herb and thanks to my friends who checked into the address book.

Jerry (the bear) Terreberry

I have re-established contact with long lost friends and acquaintances and I am grateful for these reconnections after so many years. It has also been of value to me just perusing the address book, being reminded of people long forgotten, many memories and chords struck just in reminiscing as I scroll through the names and addresses. I've never been harassed and encourage others to check in too.

John Murray

I have enjoyed having access to the Address Book.  I have received some emails from old classmates from Cassiar and have been able to contact some old friends as well.  I haven't regretted checking in, I think it is a very positive part of the Cassiar website and I would very much encourage anyone from Cassiar who hasn't done so to check in.  Life is passing us by so quickly that it is nice to get in contact with old friends and remember the good times of our past.

Tammie (Lumsden) Christiansen

Checking into the Cassiar Website and signing on to the address book has brought me quite a few surprises. It has helped me to reestablish old friendships and make a very important new one. I can not say have had any bad responses so I would encourage people to sign in. People have been great and it is nice to fine out how things are for them now that we have all aged.

Ann V McPhee

I have found the Cassiar address book a great site as I now know where people are and have contacted many old friends via the site. My reward from checking in is that I'm able to contact most people that I know and vice-versa. I have to report that I do not get harrassments and have no regrets for signing in. I most certainly would like to see many more Cassiarites check in as I do know more people who have not yet signed in. The bottom line is that we finally do have a place to keep in touch at and I love it. You all have a good day now! Keep in touch!

Marge Loverin

1. Yes i have re-established contact with some old friends.
2. Yes i feel that i was rewarded by checking in to the cassiar website.
3. I have never been harrassed.
4. I have never regretted signing in
5. And yes i would encourage more cassiarites to sign in

Christa Bryan
Since signing into the Cassiar address Book, I have made contact with many old friends and I mean "old", now. I love just searching through the pages to see how many people I actually knew. I have never gotten an e-mail from a Cassiarite that I did not like hearing from and if I did I would just push the delete button - if I could find it.

Not once have I ever regretted signing into any part of the Cassiar site and for the next Cassiar Reunion, if there's any way, I will be a part of it. I would strongly recommend any person who, in the past, ever worked in Cassiar to get off his or her ass and become part of the Cassiar Website.

Wayne Canning, "The Newfie"

I have renewed contacts with many old friends that I had lost touch with-some from the 60's. I don't think that would have happened any other way. I have been very happy with the information and new contacts I have received through the site. I have never had a problem with any unwanted contacts through the site, and have never, ever regretted signing up. I would encourage all Cassiarites and anyone associated with the town or mine to sign up. If we let our contacts die, they can never be restored.

Fred Hewett

I have enjoyed being in the address book, I must say that we have never been harrassed, had a few people contact us, and I enjoy seeing familiar names in the address book,  People who I may remember while we lived there. Thanks for your dedication.

Henry Hawkins & Claudette (Heguy) Hawkins

It's always great to get in touch with folks you haven't seen or heard from in awhile. Whenever I see a friends name pop up in the Cassiar newsletter, is a wonderful gift. I sit back and find myself reflecting on some memorable times that Lindsey and I had during our time up there... and also when some had a chance to say goodbye before he died.  I would hope that the word continues to spread so that more can "sign in" to our website. In reply to your other questions...I always feel rewarded when I check in. I've never felt burdened nor regret for doing so.

Thanks for keeping all of our on-site info handy, up-to-date and in such good working order. Much appreciated by all.

Many thanks,

Nancy Wright-Clapson

1. Have you re-established contact with long lost friends and acquaintances?
Yes actually I have, thanks to this feature on the site.

2. Were you well rewarded by checking in?
 I believe so.

3. Did you get harassed by folks you would rather not have heard from?
Not at all, I wish more people would remember me and contact me.

4. Have you ever regretted signing in?
 Not at all.  I think it is a real great way to make contact with other people while letting them make the decision whether or not to make the contact.

5. Would you encourage other Cassiarites to check in too?
Absolutely.  I tell all the Cassiarites I see to check in on the website.

When you aren't sure if it's all worth it, think again Herb, you are doing a great service to all of us.  Thank you for your time, patience and dedication!!

Jol Steliga (Kress)

1. Have you re-established contact with long lost friends and acquaintances?
I received an email from my "buddy" who I hadn't spoken with for over 30 years! (Talk about a reformed character!)

2. Were you well rewarded by checking in?
I have received much pleasure and happiness in making the virtual contact with one of the great life experiences.

3. Did you get harassed by folks you would rather not have heard from?
Not at all.

4. Have you ever regretted signing in?

5. Would you encourage other Cassiarites to check in too?
Everyone should sign in if they want to or are curious about all their old friends and acquaintances.

Stuart Briggs

Hallo Herb!

I'm glad to help you for a change, will address each of your questions separately as requested.

1. I have found at least 7 old friends so far and there are some pending contacts. If you consider my age (69), many of my friends are hunting already in the land of the " Great Manitou".

2.  Yes Sir, I was rewarded quite generously. Every bit of information from the early Cassiar years I received, was like an ice-cold bottle of Lucky Lager after a 50 mile dessert-hike.

3.  Absolutely no negative contacts.

4.   I'm considering the Casadbo ( Cassiar Address Book) very good, a source of interesting information if you like to know the whereabouts of friends, etc. etc.

5.   Cassiarites of any type should register in the Casadbo, why not? They cannot loose, just gain.

Rainer H. Oppenheimer

I have found some friends through the web site and get so excited when another name I recognize signs in.  I'm always waiting for another old friend to sign in so I can email them and get back in touch. I felt a sense of "home" when found the Cassiar web-site.  Even though I live there for a short period of time (5 years), it was the first real home I'd ever had and have missed many of the people, scenery, and experiences.

Never have I had a negative experience from signing into the Address Book. Being part of the Address Book has given me a sense of still belonging to the ever expanding Cassiar Family. I have no regrets.

Every Cassiarite I meet who is not part of the Address Book I encourage to join. I think it's so wonderful we have this great thread to keep our quilt of that moment in our lives tied together. I see all Cassiarites as very unique individuals who had alot of moxy to live there and should be proud to be reminded.  Keeping in touch through the Book has enhanced my life, I hope it enhances others as much.

Naomi Jennings

Yes we have re-established contacts with several old friends still need to get around to visit them but through emails and phone calls we're staying in touch once again. Monica and I both enjoy finding out how old friends and their kids have made out over the years. And we're looking forward to seeing some of them in our travels in the future. No, we have never been harassed by folks we would rather not hear from again. No, we have never regretted signing in, on the contrary. Yes we would encourage other Cassiarites to check-in, you just never know what surprises are out there. Like us finding a long lost friend from Cassiar living 2 blocks from us after being here for a year.

Jim & Monica Anderson

I have re-established contact with a few people as a result of signing the Cassiar Address Book and consider myself to be well rewarded by checking in.  I have never regretted signing in and I do not hear from people I would rather not hear from.  I certainly would encourage others to sign in.

Wayne Arnonld


Although I do not use the address book myself, I have heard from friends because they found me in the book. Also, I know the book is there should I ever have the need. I think it is a great thing to have available. I have also told others about the book and have told them to log in.

Keep up the great work.

Ken Buchanan

1. Have you re-established contact with long lost friends and acquaintances?
I certainly have.  In fact, just recently I got in touch with a former Cassiarite who lived with my sister in Victoria while attending university.  My sister and I had often wondered "Where is...?"  Et voila...the Cassiar Address Book!

2. Were you well rewarded by checking in?
Absolutely, even if I don't contact everyone I was acquainted with, it's comforting to know the information is there.  And...some people have actually gotten in touch with me...yay!

3. Did you get harassed by folks you would rather not have heard from?

4. Have you ever regretted signing in?
Not for a second!

5. Would you encourage other Cassiarites to check in too?
Absolutely...there is no risk involved, unless you're trying to hide from people!

June Evans

1.  Yes, the address book has been successful in my finding some of the folks I used to work with.  One contact in particular has resulted in a continuing correspondence of several a week for over a year now;  we had more in common than we found out during the year he was in Cassiar.  Others just never responded to my contact at all, some only once.  From one I got one response, then chain-mail [one time only]!

2.  The one good contact was worth it all.  It's even grown into a "7 p.m. Honorable Member Toasting program" that extends around the world (only the two of us lived in Cassiar).

3.  No harrassment at all;  everyone who's contacted me has seemed to appreciate exactly what the system was set up for.

4.  From the above, obviously there could be no regrets.

5.  As far as "encouraging" someone else to check in, probably not;  I think anyone who lived in Cassiar is by now certainly mature enough to know exactly what checking in means to them.  If they haven't done so by now, I expect they have reason to not want to be contacted;  it's not a difficult concept, and I expect has a lot to do with a person's sociability.   For someone who wants to correspond, I'd say don't hesitate, it works.  For those who don't want to, it's not my place to encourage them to change their minds.

Len Werner

1. Have you re-established contact with long lost friends and acquaintances?
Yes I have, it's been very nice to get an unexpected e-mail or card from someone who you think has forgotten about you, that's what the site is all about.

2. Were you well rewarded by checking in?
I guess I was rewarded, it was nice to browse old friends and see where they live, and be able to contact them if need be.

3. Did you get harassed by folks you would rather not have heard from?
No, I have not.

4. Have you ever regretted signing in?
No I do not regret it, looking through the address book, confirms to me that there is a whole group of people that thought that Cassiar was a very special place to grow up and live.

5. Would you encourage other Cassiarites to check in too?
Yes, I would encourage other Cassiarites to check in, the more the merrier.

Garred Huber

1. Yes, I have established contact with some long lost friends and acquaintances through the address book.

2. It was interesting to read through the address book and see just who had checked in, where they are now, but also to note who is missing.

3. I have never been harrassed by anyone using the address book.

4. No regrets about signing in.

5. I have mentioned the address book to others, but of course it is only one or two, as I do not know where the others are.  Sort of a chicken-before-the-egg situation.

Trevor Gambell

Yes, I contacted 2 people I had known.  I never got harassed by folks I would have rather not heard from.  I do not regret signing in and would encourage others to do the same.

Treena Samuelson

1. I have used the address book to touch base with a few of the people I knew when I lived in Cassiar.

2. I enjoyed "talking" to my old friends and plan on emailing a few more who have checked in lately.

3. I have never heard from any old Cassiarites who have been a nuisance in any way.  Any contact through the address book has been positive and a pleasure.

4. I have never felt that signing in to the address book was a mistake-as I said, all contacts through the address book have been a pleasure.

5. Naturally, there are more Cassiarites that I would like to hear from, so I would like it if everyone who has internet access decided to make their location known, even if only an email address.

Herb does an excellent job of getting all the info out there clearly and promptly, so I encourage Cassiarites to take a moment and sign in.

Vickie Cappis (was Vickie Young) 

Signing in to the Cassiar Address Book has been very rewarding in hooking up with long lost friends.  No, we have not been bothered by anyone we didn't care to hear from.

Grant & Cindy Martin

1. Yes, I have looked often and surprised to see people I remember. I can't give details as to who they were but know I contacted a few from here.

2. Definitely Getting in touch with an old friend is always rewarding.

3. NO, this has never happened to me.

4. Never - It was part of the process and now that we got the extra exposure on History Channel, I notice more and more signing in. Great stuff!

5. For Sure. If they hear about the address book, certainly add your name to it. The sight is controlled and one must be in the book to view it. Also you have a certain amount of discretion in the amount of info you put here. So there should be no hesitation at all. Go for it and watch the response!

John & Rosemarie Bertram

1.Have you re-established contact with long lost friends and acquaintances?
Yes, and it has been wonderful. We have taken the time to reveiw the complete address book. Wow !! we have hooked up with past friends that we had completely lost track of.

2. Were you well rewarded by checking in?
Yes others have now contacted us.

3. Did you get harassed by folks you would rather not have heard from?
What cassiarite would harass anyone Anyone from cassiar, we would like to hear from.

4. Have you ever regretted signing in?
Not for a moment. It has brought back a lot of memories, faces and places.

5. Would you encourage other Cassiarites to check in too?
If they haven't they are in for a wonderful surprise when they do.

Ernie Gavelin

1. No contacts re-established.

2. Yes, we enjoy the website and your emails because we recognize many names and are interested in reading about the history and events of Cassiar days.

3. No harassment.

4. No regrets signing in.

5. Would encourage others to join.

Judy Alger

Hi Herb,

I reconnected with 11 people I thought I'd lost forever and have enjoyed many good e-mail letters back & forth.  It has been wonderful.  There is even a summer visit being planned because of the reconnections.

I read every one of your new 'Welcome to a Cassiarite' [Cassiar Newsletter announcing someone has checked into the Address Book] and smile.....most I don't know, but it's always nice to hear those names Dr. Neidermeyer who delivered my most wonderful baby in Cassiar back in '74.  It brings back so many good memories.

I've never regretted signing in and have not had one ill effect.  The bonds that were formed in Cassiar are strong and it's nice to be able to keep them going. Besides which, Herb Daum was just a name to me when I was in Cassiar and now that name is part of my every day life.

Thanks again Herb!

Cindy Olsen

I have made contact w/ a number of long lost friends after signing up w/ the 'Address Book'. We stay in contact on an informal basis but nevertheless the key words are ' staying in contact'.  There are a number of rewards from checking in, the best one for me seems to be - lost memories that come flooding back as the emails are received.  Of all the contacts that I have made - not one has been unwelcomed !  In essence, after signing the 'Address Book'  it seems  time has stood still - as we reminisce the  ' the good ole days of Cassiar B.C.'

Jack Harley

Dear Herb,

Just a short point form message to touch on each of your questions.  Yes, I have had the thrill of re-establishing contact with long lost school pals from Cassiar days.  It was great to be able to flip through the addresses and see who all I could recognize and remember from long ago.  No, I have never been harassed in any way from anyone.  I have not regretted signing in in any way.  I would encourage anyone to check in and find out just who might show back up in their lives.  It's a great feeling to touch base again with people we have thought about over the years, wondered where they have gotten to, what they are up to, how their lives have panned out, etc. There are still those out there that are not signed in and it would be great to get everyone on board.

Sharon E. Hoecherl (Shuffler)

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