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If you would like to find your old friends and acquaintances from Cassiar and Clinton Creek you will want to check out the Cassiar Address Book. Cassiarites from as early as 1952 and as late as closure in 1992 have checked in. There are also listings from former Clinton Creek residents too, some of which worked in both mines. There are many hundreds of listings and the number is growing steadily! The estimated number of listings in the book must be approximately 1,000 as of 1/ 2007. The book is divided into letters of the alphabet with people  listed by surname (maiden names too) so they are easier to find. So take some time and explore - you will find the time worth it. The book is being updated regularly so come back often.

However the Address Book is a two-way process. To access the Address Book we need to add your listing too and that needs to done first.

Please view the Address Book page to you supply your contact information and a brief history of your time in Cassiar and/or Clinton Creek. After IU receiver your information I will send to you a personal response by email, to tell you how to access the Address Book. That is the only way to access the Address Book. There is no link to it anywhere in this site.

A pie graph showing an overwhelming number of respondents agree with the address book policy

Starting September 2000 I provided folks checking in with the option to vote on the Address Book policy. This pie chart shows how over 700 people voted on the policy. There have been very minor variations (83% agree) observed in these ratios for over two years. This high and consistent level of support for it convinces me that the policy is a good one and it will remain in effect. On March 26, 2003 I removed the option to vote from the form.

Once you have received access to the Address Book you are required to maintain the confidential nature of the information in it and not share its contents or its location with anyone not already listed therein. You are to refrain from using the information in the book for any other purpose than the intended purpose: a way for Cassiarites and Clinton Creekers to re-connect and stay in touch.

Some have elected not to sign into the book have asked me to share with them information from the Address Book. If I were to do that then I would betray the trust placed in me by very many people. They trust me to keep my promise and to provide access to the Address Book only to those who have signed into the book. Therefore only in special or extenuating circumstances will I even consider the request and likely will not provide the information directly, however may offer to act as a go-between between you and the person you wish to contact.

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