In addition to the many, many people who have contributed financially (see Contributors) and whose support  provides for the continued existence and development of this website, I acknowledge the following people who have been helpful to me in some significant role in the development and operation of this website. Many others have made smaller contributions and this list would be too long to include them all. Others have been active in spreading the word about the website and the reunion. Of course all the people that worked so hard at their scanners and sent their photos by email must be recognized too. Their names are on their photo pages. My thanks go to all of you for your contributions!

Simone Rowlinson
Thanks to Simone for starting this website in the first place and then inviting me to take it over. Without that "seed" the website would have never been born and may never have grown to what you see today.
Jonathan Lyster
Jonathan, my non-Cassiarite friend, who frequently helped me out of a jam with the technical aspects of the website. His knowledge of html & Javascript code and his eagle-eyes for code errors saved my butt more than once.
Kevin Unger, President & Manager of OneLink Services, (formerly Armourtech Internet Services)
Kevin, a non-Cassiarite and local business associate of mine, had previously donated free and and then discounted webspace and hosting for the websites. Armourtech's contribution was a very valuable one.
Davyd Bennett, President of Scoutcamp Ltd.
Davyd Bennett provided additional free webspace, for the photo album section of this website. The album is now stored elsewhere but Davyd's contribution was a very valuable one at the time.
Carl Dilley
Carl did also providing additional free webspace for the photo album section of this website.
Brian Caron
Brian has been a valuable sounding board for me. When I have felt uncertain about some decisions regarding the website I knew I could count on Brian for his honest opinions to help me decide on a tempered course of action. If I can't trust the pilot of Jumbo Jet airliner who can I trust?
Bill Plumb
Bill has scoured his materials and papers and come up with many interesting photos and items of information that are now (or will be) in the site. His contributions include background information on Cassiar and Clinton Creek and also the Cassiar and Clinton Creek phase of his personal memoirs which I hope to add to the website one day. It makes interesting reading and traces many important developmental aspects of both mines. Bill, senior citizen and a relative newcomer to computer technology, had faced and met the challenges of scanning photographs and sending them by email. I am pleased to say he has done a remarkable job!
John Bertram
John has been very active in digging up deeply hidden Cassiarites from the nooks and crannies of this great country. Many Cassiarites, especially old timers, would not be aware of this virtual community and the reunion if not for his efforts. John has also been doing a lot of photo scanning for me.
Roland Hilger
Roland has done a lot of photo scanning for me.
Christel Daum (now Travnik)
My sister Christel, like John Bertram has been contacting Cassiarites listed in her address book and spreading the word too.
Frank Nitti
Frank has generously donated to me a box full of Asbestos Sheet newspapers from the early years.
John Hartley
John has been typing condensations of the Asbestos Sheets.
Carole Chatelain (now Finch)
Carole collaborated with John Hartley in the typing of Asbestos Sheet condensations.
Ron Schmidt
Ron is proof reading my writings to catch the spelling mistakes and other typos that so easily slip by me. He also helped with some other special typing projects.

A big "Thank you!" to all these people. If you contributed but are not listed here, I am sorry I missed you but I thank you as well.

Herb Daum

If you want to offer your assistance with my development of this website your offer will be welcome. Please be prepared to provide a list of what specific skills or resources or whatever you might have to offer.

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