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You can get a special version of this website on a computer CD.  The website has been recognized to have historical significance. This CD will be a nice souvenir and memento to pass on to your family, preserving your history.

Eventually the current webmaster will no longer be able provide necessary time, skills, and dedication to serve in that capacity due to death, failing health, etc. It is doubtful another adequately motivated webmaster will be recruited to take on that considerable task and so eventually this website will disappear from the Internet. When that happens this website and all the history, memories and valuable resources will be available only on the CD.

The website on CD is not something you would play, like you might do with a DVD in your DVD player. It is a copy of this website (a collection of computer files - htm files and picture files and other supporting files). You would put the CD in your computer's CD drive and with the same program that you view websites with (your web browser) you would, by clicking links with a mouse, view the various pages and photos of the website, just as you would with this online website.

To view the CD you do not need a connection to the internet and you could spend as long as you wanted looking at it without worrying about your dialup charges or going overtime on your dialup account (not everyone has high-speed). If you have a slow dialup account the pictures will load much faster from the CD than they would from this live website.

The live version of the website will change over time, as it gets updated regularly with new people in the Cassiar Address Book, new features and items such as new photos... and sadly more obituaries. The version on CD is permanent and unchanging, a snapshot of the website at it existed at particular time. While the CD version will appear to you to look the same there are some key difference in the background and I have to do lots of link editing to get it all to work properly for you. I hope to take one snapshot of the website at least yearly.

The last compilation of this website was made in April 20, 2009 so the current CD now available is based on the website as it appeared then. The plan is to make a new version of the CDs annually as time permits, so hopefully there will be an edition for each year.

A few  features such as forms have been removed (or links to them have been disabled) in the CD version of the website, for these features function only on a webserver, and not on a CD.

There are two versions of the CD available:

  1. A version that includes the Cassiar Address Book. This version is available only to those Cassiarites and Clinton Creekers who are themselves listed in the book.
  2. A version identical to above except that it does not include the Cassiar Address Book. This feature is removed to protect the privacy of the people in the book.

Anyone who makes a contribution of $40 or more is eligible for a complimentary CD on request. You must ask for it.

Shipping by regular mail.

Contact the webmaster to order your copy or for more information.

Technical information:

The CD would be written on CDR media with a Windows computer. Virtually any computer that has the Microsoft Windows operating system, equipped with CD-ROM drive capable of reading CDR media and having a relatively current web browser will be able to access the CD. We have learned from experience that older Macs have trouble.

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