The "Cassiar Story 40 Years and More" Video Tape

Bill Zemenchik, when General Mine Manager for the Cassiar Mine commissioned the production of a video tape that was professionally produced by a now-defunct firm in Smithers, BC. The tape is titled "Cassiar Story 40 Years and More" I believe it was produced in 1990 or 1991. The feature is 31 minutes long and after covering some of the history of Cassiar's beginnings (including footage of Bill Storie panning for gold) extolls the virtues of living in Cassiar, highlighting many of the wonderful aspects of living there. There is great footage of the town and mine and surrounding area, including aerial footage. The feature also covers in interesting detail the "journey" asbestos ore takes from raw ore to bagged fibre and shipping to points worldwide. This includes the transition from open-pit mining to underground mining. Those who worked there in the early days, when the process was different, or never worked in the mine and the mill, might find this particularly interesting. There is frank discussion of health hazards created by asbestos. As most of you likely already know, the hazard from chrysotile, the fibre we had in Cassiar, is low, so the bad press that hurt Cassiar's economic sustainability was unjustified. I found the video interesting and think that many of you will also find it interesting. Of course there are the  memories and the nostalgic value that the production creates too.

Bill has graciously lent me his copy of the tape and given me permission to make copies of it available to Cassiarites. Thank you Bill. The copy I have, which will be used to create a digital master, is pretty good quality, appearing to be perhaps only 2nd generation from the original. As you likely know, quality is lost with every generation of copy, so this is good news.

The price for each tape (a T-120, recorded in SP mode), a bubble mailer and postage (Parcel Post) including taxes is $21.00. There is no profit for me in this price. Yes, I do all the running around, getting the tapes, buying the envelopes, preparing address labels, stuffing & labeling the envelopes, and mailing them at no extra charge to you. Those of you who have been meaning to send a contribution towards the operating costs and development of the website and haven't done so yet are encouraged to include that with payment for the video tape.

If you are in Europe or other countries that use the PAL video standard, instead of NTSC standard used in North America, you can get the tape in PAL format. Its more expensive than the VHS format because of the equipment and time required and its a different business who does that for me. The cost is $35 Canadian for most countries but subject to variables in postage rates to there.. If you are interested let me know. I will have to find out what the postage is to your country and advise you of the total price.

If you are going to send money in non-Canadian currency please check with me before sending anything.

If you want your own copy of this tape send a cheque or money order payable to "Herb Daum" for the amount of $21.00.

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