The "Beyond the Forty Mile" Video Tape and DVD

I have been granted permission to provide you with copies of a film obtained from the Yukon archives. The film is titled "Beyond the Forty Mile". The film was commissioned by Cassiar Asbestos Corp. in 1969 and features primarily Cassiar's Clinton Creek mine in the Yukon. I quite enjoyed watching the 28 minute film (on video tape), never having been to Clinton Creek myself. There were many faces on the tape that I did not recognize... but I did recognize someone. It was Jim Murdoch, the mine manager there, whose family first lived in Cassiar and whose children I went to school with, before they moved there.

The tape highlights many aspects of life and recreation in Clinton Creek, including the Malamute Saloon. Yes there is some coverage of Cassiar as well.

I also found it interesting as it follows the journey the asbestos ore takes from the mine, through the crusher, then the tramline and down to the dryers and the mill. Then the milling process, packaging, shipping, transport through Whitehorse, where it joined fibre from Cassiar and then by the WhitePass narrow-gauge railway to Skagway and then by ship to the Cassiar Wharf in Vancouver, BC. It is fairly detailed and the ore's journey mirrored that in Cassiar. It is by far the most comprehensive documentation I have seen on that aspect of Cassiar and Clinton Creek.

The cumulative job experience I got both, while a student in Cassiar, usually getting a different summer job every year, and through regular full time employment later on, gave me first-hand exposure to working in Cassiar's mine, the crusher, the dryers, and the mill. I found many similarities to what I recall of my work there and what I saw on the tape. Anyone who never worked in any of those departments but wants a better understanding of the processes, or those who did and want a nostalgic trip down memory lane, would likely find the tape interesting too.

I can provide you with this video in either VHS tape or DVD format.

The price for each tape, a bubble mailer and postage (Parcel Post) including taxes is $21.00.
The price for each DVD, a bubble mailer and postage (Parcel Post) including taxes is $21.00.

The DVDs will be produced on a computer DVD RW drive (a DVD burner) and one very important issue with DVDs is the numerous disc formats of DVD. The industry hasn't yet settled on a standard for DVD (you may recall the VHS vs. BETA wars with video tape). In addition to the mass-produced standard you get when you buy or rent a movie on disc there are 5 standards for computer discs and these are critically important here. This video will be available in in DVD-R and DVD+R format.

Anyone wishing to get the film on DVD to play in their DVD player must determine what formats their player supports and when placing their order must specify which format is required to play in their player.

Do not assume your player will play all formats. Older players are limited in format support. In fact when I looked in the manual for my DVD player I learned it  did not support any of the computer formats and I had to replace the player. Fortunately virtually new players tend to support all the formats and are relatively inexpensive now, prices well below $100 now common.

So if you are interested in getting a copy on DVD you must advise which format is required. I do not want to deal with the hassles of shipping a disc that won't work your player because it doesn't support the format I shipped and you didn't check and let me know. You should look in the owner's manual that came with your player.

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