John Hurlburt's "Cassiar Country 1992" Video Tape

People who left Cassiar even as far back as in the 1950s and 1960s are really enjoying the tape. See the comments made by people about their copy of the tape Click here Comments

John Hurlburt was Cassiar's doctor from 1989 until closure in 1992 and his wife Linda worked in the hospital and their children Christopher, Andrea & Julia attended school there. John has put together an amateur video tape that has captured the essence of Cassiar's natural beauty and spirit. John, wanting to get some copies of the tape for some friends, but doesn't have access to video duplication services, so he asked me if I could help. Fortunately there is a video production business offering such services in Powell River and I am able to arrange getting copies produced.

Apparently John has used a video tripod for much of the videography and he has done a great job. Some of the video scenes were also contributed by his friend Jaroslav Jakubec, a mining engineer in Cassiar from 1988-92. From hours and hours of raw footage John has assembled the finished product, a tape that features lots of outdoor activities including snowmobiling and cross-country skiing near Maria Lake, climbing Needle Point mountain and much more. There is canoeing in rivers (Dease River during a snow storm in May) and lakes and even has the crystal clear water of Boya Lake (Chain Lakes). There are recordings of family activities including time at Kamlah's cabin on the Dease River and bicycling on frozen Boya Lake. There are aerial views of the mine and townsite from a helicopter too.

The tape also features many non-wilderness segments which include many views in the townsite from all seasons. There are slow drives through town on a sunny winter day and on bright sunny summer days, etc. Expect to find scenes of kids jumping off roofs and disappearing in deep snow, social gatherings and more. There are scenes from the closing party of Cassiar, June 6, 1992. Instead of the dialogue of the scene much of the tape has soft music in the background, low volume. It is the scenery that is important. However in parts you can hear the water sounds of the creeks and streams, some paddling in the water, and at the ending you can hear the school kids sing "Good bye Cassiar we'll miss you" and then send their helium balloons aloft. Keep a box of tissues handy.

There is an 1:15 hours of this personal footage. This is followed by several newscasts recorded from TV. The newscasts cover the troubles Cassiar was having then and concerns about closure and then the disappointing announcements of the closure. The whole tape is 1:40 hours.

I left Cassiar in 1983 so I didn't recognize many of the faces but I did recognize some, including Gerry & Lil Kamlah, Frances Gleason, Albert Rahall, & Dave Liddle. I am sure many of you who left later than I did will recognize even more people than I did. However even if you don't know all the people on the tape I think that anybody who has ever lived in Cassiar will likely strongly relate to the scenes of the town, the area, the wilderness, etc., and will want a copy for themselves. This includes those of you who left Cassiar long before I did. You can see how the town changed since you left but will also find many familiar scenes and views.

So I asked John if he would be agreeable to making additional copies of the tape available to other Cassiarites and I am glad to say that John has agreed. The master of the tape has been saved digitally and now as many copies as are required can be made without further loss of quality.

DETAILS:  John has provided me with a guide to the contents of the tape. From the information I have produced a two-page document which I will laser print for you and include with each tape. Click here to preview the information.

If you need to replace your printed copy of the letter or the 2-page description that was supplied with your copy of the video tape or wish to print it yourself on different paper you can. I have made them available here as pdf files (Adobe Acrobat format) which you can download and print anytime you want. Just click the titles here. The files are quite small and will download quickly.

 John Hurlburt's Introduction letter (6 Kb)

 John Hurlburt's Description of the tape (11 Kb)

You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader software to open and print the files. Many computers already have the very popular Acrobat Reader program installed. If you don't have it installed you can download the reader program for free from Adobe's website at Acrobat Reader is simple to install and simple to use. There is help on the Adobe website and in Acrobat's help menu.

The price for each tape (a T-120, recorded in SP mode), a bubble mailer and postage (Parcel Post) including taxes is $23.00. There is no profit for me or John in this price. Yes, I do all the running around, getting the tapes, buying the envelopes, preparing address labels, printing the guide & John's letter, stuffing & labeling the envelopes, and mailing them at no extra charge to you. The only reward John and I get from this is your comments about the tape and how it brought back your memories of Cassiar and its residents. So yes please, do tell us how you like the tape when you get it.

If you are in Europe or other countries that use the PAL video standard, instead of NTSC standard used in North America, you can get the tape in PAL format. Its more expensive than the VHS format because of the equipment and time required and its a different business who does that for me. The cost is $35 Canadian plus packaging & postage. If you are interested let me know. I will have to find out what the postage is to your country and advise you of the total price.

If you are going to send money in non-Canadian currency please check with me before sending anything.

There previously was a deadline but it has been suspended. At some point in the future the digital master will be sent to John (where there are no video production services available).

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