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Several inquiries from Cassiarites who requested the "Cassiar... do you remember" logo as a decal have been the motivation to make available to these decals. Some people want to have Cassiar decals on their vehicles, especially when they are traveling up to Cassiar country. Others realize that the more people that become aware of the Cassiar website the more likely our long-lost friends will find us and the whole Cassiar community as whole benefits.

So I have designed a decal as you can see from sample in the photo below, which is the rear of my Nissan.

Decal features:

Ignore the smaller decal from the Nissan dealer below the Cassiar decal.

The Price:

This is a non-profit service that I provide to you. However should there be any money left over processing your order it will go towards website expenses.

Smaller sizes available

Should the 9" x 5" size be too large to fit well on your vehicle smaller sizes can be ordered. The price is the same.
Approximate sizes: 8" x 4.3", 7" x 3.8", 6" x 3.25" and 5" x 2.7" Specify requests for smaller sizes in the order form below

For those of you equipped with rulers or tape measures not using inches for units of length you can use the conversion tool at this website to convert inches to other scales including centimeters, millimeters, and light years:

How to order:

Visit the Contact Page and using the form there send an email, indicating how many decals you want and what sizes you want.

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