Book "Ghost Towns Stories III - Tales of Dreams, Tragedies and Heroism in British Columbia".
by Johnnie Bachusky

Front Cover of "Ghost Town Stories III"Altitude Publishing has released "Ghost Towns Stories III - Tales of Dreams, Tragedies and Heroism in British Columbia.". The book is part of Altitude's Amazing Stories series. Ghost Towns Stories III., the third book in a trilogy of western Canadian ghost town books by author Johnnie Bachusky, features 10 amazing stories from these 10 ghost towns from all across British Columbia:

The climax of the book ends with a dramatic human interest story from Cassiar.

The book, which costs approximately $10 CD + GST and shipping, can be pre-ordered by:

Title: "Ghost Towns Stories III - Tales of Dreams, Tragedies and Heroism in British Columbia"
Author: Johnnie Bachusky
Publisher: Altitude Publishing
ISBN number: 1-55153-984-5

Johnnie Bachusky is a veteran journalist and photographer living and working in Red Deer, Alberta.

The book doesn't cover the history of Cassiar, as Dr. Suzanne LeBlanc's "Cassiar: A Jewel in the Wilderness" does. In "The Bond" Johnnie has primarily focused on one particular and very touching Cassiar story. The book examines numerous ghost towns of British Columbia and in most cases draws for readers a picture of what life was like then, as seen through the eyes of a few people still alive and who remember. There are tales of disasters and heroes. As I read it I often learned of some aspect of a particular town and found myself thinking of a similarity (or comparing it to) Cassiar, whether it was the remoteness, the charm of life there, or conditions that contributed to the ultimate death of the town. Johnnie has portrayed well what life must have been like in much of the province, especially in the first half of the 20th century, but also for towns that existed later, as Cassiar did.

A book of ghost towns seems incomplete without a tale of a ghost and you will find one here too. I was reminded of my classmate Sandy Williams (1970-71 I think), who with her parents lived in the panabode house formerly occupied by Gordon and Mabel Edwards at 101 Smith Street, at the corner with Connell Drive. I believe Gordon was a supervisor in the Garage. They were both elderly. Mabel had died while a resident of Cassiar. I don't remember if Mabel died in Cassiar or succumbed in an out-of-town hospital (I suspect the latter). Anyway, I remember Sandy proclaiming their panabode house was haunted and she had seen the ghost of its former occupant, Mabel Edwards roaming the halls.

In my humble opinion the book is easily worth the purchase price of $10.

Lest you think otherwise, rest assured that my endorsement of the book is not swayed or influenced by any acknowledgement or recognition I've received from the author. I hope that Cassiarites we have not yet heard from discover the book and are prompted to reconnect with us because of it.

Herb Daum, Webmaster

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