Form for signing into the Cassiar Address Book

Residents of Cassiar and Clinton Creek are welcome!

This page is intended to collect the information required to add your listing for the Cassiar Address Book.

It is strongly recommended that you keep your listing in the book up to date . Far too many people fall out of touch. If you are already listed in the Address Book and only want to update your listing (change of address, email address, etc.) visit the book with the access information previously supplied to you and there you will find the update form for that purpose.

You need to do this only one time, not every time you wish to visit the Address Book. You will however need to save the access information sent to you by email after you sign in.

Based on your information your listing will be assembled to have a consistent appearance so that it will follow the style of this sample fictional listing which typifies the majority of the listings.

Jones (now Smith) Mary & Bill and Tim, Sue & Sally
1960-1980. I attended Grade 11 & 12. I worked in the time office in the Machine Shop and then transferred to Payroll Department in the Main Office. Active in the curling & ski clubs. My parents Fred & Tammy Jones. Dad was a Mill Shifter. I married Bill Smith in 1978. Bill worked as heavy equipment operator in the mine.
123 Main St.
Lund, BC V0N 2G0
Phone (604) 483-1234

So please provide the following information and send it to the email address shown here:

Email - (sorry, not a clickable link - you'll have to type it):

  1. First name & last name.

  2. Ladies, the maiden name you had in Cassiar or Clinton Creek -  if your last name has since changed by marriage

  3. Nickname

  4. Siblings

  5. Spouse's name

  6. Names of your parents if you were there as a child

  7. Names of your children from Cassiar or Clinton Creek

  8. Current mailing/street Address (city, province/state, postal code, country, etc.

  9. Area Code & phone number

  10. Alternate Email Address (optional)

  11. Skype username

  12. facebook username

  13. When did you live in Cassiar or in Clinton Creek

  14. Your Cassiar or Clinton Creek History and Connection

  15. Did you attend school in Cassiar or Clinton Creek?
     If Yes what Grades?

  16. Did you work in Cassiar or Clinton Creek?
    If Yes what jobs?
    Briefly tell us what departments you worked in or what positions you worked.

  17. Provide a description that is unique about you. This is a description to jog our memories after all these years. Remember that for some of us it has been nearly 50 years since we last left! Long-timers may have decades worth of Cassiar and Clinton Creek memories to sort through to figure who you might be. Over the years some of the memories get jumbled up, are hazy, or are totally dormant now. So be considerate and help us out by supplying information about you as we would have known you there. It is amazing how a good description can help us make a mental connection.

  18. Generally you can expect that information pertaining to your activities after leaving Cassiar or Clinton Creek will be omitted from your description. My philosophy is that if folks recognize and remember your from your listing and want to know what you have done since leaving Cassiar they will contact you via the information you are now supplying. That is the main objective of this book. The Address Book is just that, an address book to help friends connect. It is not a Guest Book or Message Board.

  19. How did you first learn of this Cassiar website?
    If a person told you about it say who it was, please give their name. It might be someone we haven't heard from yet and we may have something important to communicate to that person and you just might be the link to him/her we are looking for. Many times there has been media coverage on the site, including national TV, and I didn't even know about it! I sure would like to be aware of this type of exposure and perhaps seek a clipping for the scrapbook, etc.

 If you do not get a prompt reply check your email's spam folder, just in case a filter incorrectly treated my reply as spam. You might also check your webmail, for some service providers will quarantine messages they consider suspect and you have to log in to review messages and release them from there.

Email - (sorry, not a clickable link - you'll have to type it):

If your needs are urgent you might have to telephone me (see Contact Page).

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