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There are costs keep this website going. As the quality and content of this website will show, thousands of of volunteer hours have been spent in lovingly developing the website for all Cassiarites to enjoy. I hope that everybody, in true Cassiar spirit, will pitch in, a real community effort so to speak. Many of you really treasure the work the previous webmaster, Herb Daum has put in here, as well do I. I hope to continue to improve and make this site available to all for years to come. So I am asking visitors to this website to contribute whatever you are able.

Of course all contributors will be gratefully and publicly acknowledged on the "Contributors" webpage in this site with your name and the date of your contribution.

There are several methods you can choose to making a contribution.

You can send your contributions by snailmail. In the case of sending me a cheque or money order please send me an email when you mail your contribution. I will reply to acknowledge and will also let you know when the envelope arrives.

If you are using snail mail to send a cheque or money order payable to me and send it to:

Erin Fedak
PO BOX 99900 AH 917 657
RPO Ogilvie
Whitehorse, YT Y1A 0L6

Please include a small note if you send a contribution through the mail so I'll know who to thank!

You can use Interac at which is for email money transfer. If you bank in Canada with RBC Royal Bank, BMO Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Scotiabank or TD Canada Trust, you will be able to send interbank-based Email Money Transfers. If you haven't already got an account at Interac go to their website and create one. Once you have one you log in to your account and send money and designate me as the receiver by entering my email address, which appears below.

For Interac it is recommended you include in the transfer notice a security question for which I am supposed to figure out the answer, and you can also supply me with a hint to help me. Your hint should also indicate if the answer is one word (or more).

Whatever you do, do not send the security answer with the transfer!

I am sure you can come up with a question I can figure out. Here are two examples "what town did we live in?", or "what mineral resource drove the town's economy?" which you can use.

Please keep in mind that the answer is case-sensitive (UPPER CASE, lower case, or Mixed Case) and I only get three tries before the deposit transaction is disabled and then you have to re-send the message from Interac. Be sure to spell the answer to the question correctly, the way you'll expect me to enter it.

If you live in a country other than Canada there are other options such as bank-to-bank transfers.

Below is some more helpful information from the last webmaster of this site, Herb Daum, regarding previous contributions and some helpful advice for sending payments!

Here is something good to know. Someone had sent me a cheque and was never delivered. So the cheque had to be stopped and a replacement issued. I chatted with my Canada Post letter carrier and asked if he could keep an eye open for it. He is a super guy, and is the best postie I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He did say that mail doesn't get lost often but one factor that can contribute to mail getting lost is the size of the envelopes. Those little 3 -1/2" x 6- 1/2 " envelopes (or smaller) can easily fall out of a hand or "through the cracks". He recommended that it was prudent to avoid using envelopes smaller than the standard #10 envelopes (4 - 1/8" x 9 - 1/2") as they are less prone to getting lost. They are usually the same price as the smaller one (or close enough). The difference in price is certainly less than the service charge from the bank to stop a payment on a lost cheque. So if you are sending anything I respectfully suggest that you keep this valuable tip in mind. I know I have been following that advice myself and use only #10 envelopes (or larger).


A Cassiarite shares why she helped, helped a lot

The following is Jennifer's response to a "Thank You" note I sent to her to acknowledge a generous contribution. It is posted here with her permission. Jennifer has expressed very eloquently what I strongly suspect that others feel too. I do feel that way and I had a similar upbringing. When talking to people in other places, usually to people who had no idea where Cassiar was, often I was made to feel like I came from an unimportant hicktown. I have lost track of how many times I've heard "Castlegar - yeah, I drove through there." I found it difficult to explain, especially while still younger and less articulate, what was special about growing up in Cassiar. I think you will agree that Jennifer has said very well how  many of us feel.

Herb Daum

You're very welcome Herb. You know, I grew up in Cassiar. I didn't realize for a long time how unique an experience that was and how great an impact it had in shaping my values, my thoughts, and my feelings of life in general. When I went away to boarding school, I started to gain an appreciation of what I had but the full appreciation didn't come until I was well into adulthood. Although it's been many years, I don't forget and that's why this website has such importance to me. It's like a little piece of me remains - the happy child with wonderful memories (and some sad ones). It also brings back the sense of family that got a little bit lost with the loss of my father and my mother's stroke. It's a rekindling of a time that is gone forever but is never forgotten.

Even though I will probably never see the people that I knew then, I appreciate hearing about them and rejoice in their joys and feel sorrow along with them. Thank you for bringing back this part of my life. I will do all I can to keep this website going.

Jennifer Gardner (nee Forbes)

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