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Cassiar... do you remember?

This website is devoted to keeping alive the memories of the now-closed company mining town of Cassiar, British Columbia, Canada and its former residents. In 1992, when the asbestos mining operation in northern BC closed, the vibrant town that played an important socio-economic role in the region was closed too. The mine's employees and their families were forced to leave before the town was bulldozed and burned to the ground. While many former Cassiarites remained in British Columbia, others have scattered all over the world.

The town was the common ground for the people and its closure created a void - friends fell out of touch. This virtual community website fills the void for many.

Cassiarites from the 40-year history of Cassiar currently use this website to stay in touch, find and re-connect with long-lost friends, get current news of Cassiarites, stroll down memory lane and more.

Residents of Clinton Creek, Yukon, where Cassiar Asbestos Corporation operated an asbestos mine too, have joined this community as well.

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This website is the proud recipient of the coveted British Columbia Historical Federation web site prize for 2004.

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